Interior. Shake It Up, Chicago! studio. Breaksk8 is on the stage.
It's alive

You're my life line

Movin' me all the time

Some parts, so fine

Part of the design

Better than a Frankenstein

Having the Nobel Prize

I've been running

Make you mind

Now I think it's time

CeCe: Hey, this dance-skating thing is so cool. We should come up with a brand new refreshing twist on dance! What if we did it on ice skates?
Rocky: Yeah, that's called figure skating!
CeCe: That's a great name, we're totally using that!
Everybody we're going in

It's alive

We gotta find a sign

It's alive

Not gonna let it die

Now it's pulsing

It's beating

It's moving

It's breathing


It's alive

Gary: Give it up for jam skating crew, Breaksk8! I'm Gary Wilde and I'll see you next week on, Shake It Up, Chicago! (Cuts) Alright listen up, I have a special announcement to make. No one's ever getting bigger news in Shake It Up, Chicago history. No, Chicago history. No, world history!
CeCe: You got new cowboy boots?
Gary: Yes I did! Oh, also. Next week a special guest will be performing his latest single and he's stopping by to check out the studio, so please be totally professional when... Justin Starr is here!

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