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  • The Pirate All Pirates Fear

    Do you like Flynn Jones? Yes or no? Why or why not?













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    Welcome to Try Your Luck. The winner gets a mystery gift.

    1. Be nice

    2. 1 guess only

    3. If you guess it wrong, your out.

    What does solo mean

    What is = to 9

    What is an example of a Shake It Up episode

    What is 9 times 9

    1. Jade

    2. Ad

    3. Tree

    4. Zendaya


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  • Zen-Zendaya

    Shake It Up

    March 15, 2016 by Zen-Zendaya

    Hey guys, I am new to this whole Wikia website! If you guys have any ideas on what some of my posts should be you can comment on that, and write down your ideas beside these numbers! Read at the end for more instructions:











    If you guys have an idea and there is no more numbers left, you can make another number (11) or if you don't want to then you can comment! Thank You

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    Thank you Jesus, be our guest. The food I eat while watching Shake It Up is making me blessed, Amen

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  • Emma the hedgehog

    there music about those two girls from the show and i know it>

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  • Emma the hedgehog

    she was in shake it up because they won thaT VACA to go cacagio

    if u know how to spell it then comment that word to me ok>3. Emma

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  • Ariasmith761
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  • GlitterPanda

    Shake it up!

    April 12, 2015 by GlitterPanda

    I am in love with Shake it up! I am still bummed that it got canceled but I still love it. Do you agree?!

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  • NestorCastH123


    March 4, 2015 by NestorCastH123


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  • Makayla and brady

    Me and my boyfriend hagging out

    ok so it all happened on valentines day and the door bell rang and then I looked out and nobody was there but I looked down and it was flowers and it had my favotite flowers in the vace it was roses the color was red and white my favorite roses and then I shook and then I said who sturned out the light even though it was just my bf covering up my eyes and then I looked and he bent down and said will you merry me and I said yes

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  • AustinAndAllyFan

    My Wiki Promotion

    December 28, 2014 by AustinAndAllyFan

    Hey! Me, Mary, and NikkiSarah need users on the Austin And Ally Spinoff Wiki. We made it neater and added stuff to the main page. The episodes are from the other arcive of this page and I gave ya'll credit of course. We will have 4 seasons, 110 episodes, tons of crossovers and hour long speicals. We also need users to contribute on the wiki because if people don't contribute the wiki is alone and lonely and it's boring because no one does anything. We have an awesome wiki and it would mean a lot if u guys joined. We're doing all this work for u guys to enjoy. I hope ya'll join. Thanks.

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  • Wachowman

    I'm back

    November 17, 2014 by Wachowman


    Just wanted to know if anyone remembered me

    I see this wiki has died


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  • DavidRecChar212


    October 13, 2014 by DavidRecChar212
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  • OhsoAriana

    Bella thorne fan wiki!

    September 21, 2014 by OhsoAriana

    So i founded the Bella thorne fan wiki and it needs help so please join.

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  • DjCadence ThePenguin

    So recently, I started a petition to get Disney Channel Free to air, we need 100 signatures. [[1]] is the link.

    Thanks, DjCadence ThePenguin (talk) 19:45, June 29, 2014 (UTC)DjCadence ThePenguin

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  • ElementsAreMyGod

    Hello! I have done a bunch of research on what elements the characters elements would have, if they had them. I, in fact, LOVE zodiacs and they lead my way in life. So, I did a ton of research, with the characters zodiacs to find out what their element would be. Enjoy!

    • CeCe Jones

    • Rocky Blue
    • Ty Blue

    • Flynn Jones
    • Gary Wilde
    • J.J. Jones

    • Deuce Martinez
    • Dina Garcia

    This was so much fun to make! I'm willing to add more characters (that have birthdays) to the list! Just comment the name and the birthday (you can do cast members) and then I'll add them! If you want me to do this for another show comment that too! Ciao!

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  • Geordel and ArianaGrandeLover

    6 months after the events of reunion, the gang decides to move permanently on Chicago again. Rocky and her husband Mark (David Henrie) and their daughter Mary (G.Hanellius) move into her parents' house while CeCe with Logan and her son L.J move downstairs to her old house. Tinka and Ty decided to buy the apartment upstairs and live with their baby girl, Sam (Mia Talerico). There, the gang organizes a welcome party at Crusty's with Deuce and Dina. In the end, CeCe announces that she is pregnant 6 months but she hide it as a surprise for when they move in Chicago.

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  • JL the superhuman

    Jacob Hessenheffer is the 14 year old cusion of Tinka and Gunther and is in love with with CeCe Jones.

    Jacob Hessenheffer is the cusion of Tink and Gunther who is madly in love with CeCe Jones he thinks of her as a scary person but that doesn't stop him he really likes her CeCe is the only one who doesn't know of his crush on her Rocky Ti Tinka Gunther Flynn and Deuce are the only ones who know Rocky decides to tell CeCe but CeCe ignores Rocky then later CeCe becomes awear after Jacob had wrote a love note for her and she confronts him starting with I love you too. He gets two nicknames Jake and Spyro the reason most people call him Spryo is because he normaly is seen drawing Spyro and it's reference to Spyro the Dragon.

    CeCe Jones: Jacob ha…

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  • Shgfc


    April 15, 2014 by Shgfc
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  • Austin and Ally Ultimate Fan

    -Shake It Up intro-

    When the crowds wants more. They bring on the thunder. Cos u got my back and I'm not going under. You're my chord. You're my guard. You're the perfect chord and I see you name in every billboard

    Bring the lights up, burst the doors down. Dust yourself off, Shake It Up! Shake It Up! DJ, set it off, take it up a notch. All together now Shake It Up! Shake It Up-Up-Up-Up (voice fades)

    There's no way I can't make it without ya (Sh-sh-sh-Shake it up), do it without ya (you're gonna change it up), be here without ya (and when you're had enough), it's no fun when we're doing a solo (Sh-sh-sh-Shake it up), with you is woah. Yeah I know (Sh-sh-sh-Shake it up!). I own this dream cos I got you with me. There's no way I can make it wit…

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  • BigWalt71

    Shake it Up Reborn

    March 26, 2014 by BigWalt71

    Who thinks Shake it Up should still be airing on Disney Channel? Fed up we keep getting shows that last no longer than 3-4 seasons? What if we could reinstate the show and get a huge fan base. Mickey Mouse Club was revived many times before finally ending for good in 1995 (the show began way back in the 1950s). Either way, this show has changed talents in the nation and Chicago.

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  • The swarm hut


    March 5, 2014 by The swarm hut

    KEVIN VANDILIZD MY PAGE ON DIU WIKI HEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    nvm floyd took care of it

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  • The swarm hut

    Home page

    March 5, 2014 by The swarm hut

    Hey Beck i wanna know if i can put my wiki on the home page does it have to be siu releated or no because im new to wikis and i really need some help so can i PLZ :)

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  • Junatina

    Cece Jones/Gallery

    February 19, 2014 by Junatina

    Here's the gallery for CeCe Jones:

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  • Grace 1997

    Hay guys! 

    Since my season 4 is ending soon and before that, I really want to make three special lost episodes, I had a funny and good idea! :D

    First of all the 25th episode will be a crossover with Austin and Ally! :D

    Second of all, the 27th episode will be the last episode and will end with Ty's graduation! :D

    And now, the big surprise is... The 26th episode will be a collab! :D

    I don't know, how the episode will look yet and everything but I want to have one of my loyal readers, who's writing the episode with me! :)

    If you want to write the 26th episode with me or also known as the second last episode and read the whole season 4 (I'll make a quiz for that, to see if it's true) then write me a PM at fan fiction. net! :)

    I'd love to make one col…

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  • Junatina

    Hey guys!

    This is my very first admin blog. :)

    Anyways I've been talking with Rae (which was a long time ago but I made the blog now) and I told her that the quotes need to be more organized instead of just one whole bunch of quotes.

    So I need your help!

    On characters pages if you know which quote goes in which episode under quotes make a sub heading and name the episode the quote came from and using the dialogue quote put the quote under the episode's heading.

    Like let me out these quotes that aren't real and are just MADE UP, these are just an example.

    Cece: I love Gunther.

    Rocky:I love math.

    Ty: I'm going to dance on Shake it up Chicago.

    Flynn: Atop bossing me around!

    Deuce: I'm Martin Martinez!

    Instead of just putting it all together, we could di…

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  • ContinueShakeItUpxx

    do you want shake it up to continue? we all do! but it seems pretty impossible, right?

    well, not when you have me it isn't!

    on facebook, i created a page called: 'Continue Disney Shake It Up' and Disney Programming know about this page. i have also emailed disney about this page and about us wanting shake it up to continue, too. another thing is, i would love you to like my page on facebook that i have created, that disney also know about. here is the link, just click and like: thankyou for reading this blog and i hope you click the link! thankyou :) 

    ~Bellaa xxxx

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  • Geordel and ArianaGrandeLover


    January 24, 2014 by Geordel and ArianaGrandeLover


    Cogan is the fantastic pairing of CeCe Jones and Logan Hunter.They first met at the mall when CeCe caught Logan's coin for the fountain.Soon,they become enemies and almost step-siblings.But their parents broke-up and they didn't.After a long time,they reunite and they became friends.Then,they became a couple after a big kiss.In the future,they got married and they got a son,L.J.

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  • Geordel and ArianaGrandeLover


    January 24, 2014 by Geordel and ArianaGrandeLover


    Rark is the fantastic pairing of Rocky Blue and Mark Colerpress.They got met at the college where they went.Soon,they start dating and they became a couple.In the future,they got married and they got a daughter,Pia.

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  • Geordel and ArianaGrandeLover


    January 24, 2014 by Geordel and ArianaGrandeLover


    Tynka is the fantastic pairing of Ty Blue and Tinka Hessenheffer.They were together since season 4.Ty and Tinka falled for each other when they went on a date in Add It Up.But,they expressed their feelings three years later.In the future,they got married and they had 2 kids,Dustin and Sam.

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  • KristieKandie4560

    Hi! I'm KristieKandie4560, aka Kristen. I just made this account and my sister is helping me! This is a really cool wiki, and I love Shake It Up, although its over >:C. But anyways, here are some favorites about me! Favorite Bands/Singers: Ariana Grande, One Direction, Fifth Harmony, and Little Mix (Just Wings and Move). Favorite Foods: Cake, Cookies, (Other Goods) Macaroni and Cheese, Spaghetti, Pizza, Hot Dogs, and Corn Dogs. Favorite TV Shows:MLP:FIM, PPG's, BTR, iCarly, Lab Rats, Shake it Up!, Jem and the Holograms, Dog With a Blog, Sonny With a Chance, Tom and Jerry, Strawberry Shortcake, Littlest Pet Shop, Liv and Maddie, Spongebob Squarepants, Victorious, Austin and Ally, and Phineas and Ferb. Favorite Movies: Teen Beach Movie, Tang…

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  • KristieKandie4560

    Kristie:D YOLO

    January 16, 2014 by KristieKandie4560
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  • Austin and Ally Ultimate Fan


    Rocky develops a crush for Mark

    Mark: hi! I'm new here

    Rocky: your hot! I mean welcome to the school

    Meanwhile Cece and Tinka brought tickets to see One Direction

    Cece: hey Tinka! I brought tickets to see One Direction wanna come?

    Tinka: sure

    Also Deuce and Dina was planning for their future

    Deuce: so we will be married and have a lot of kids

    Dina: definitely

    But when Cece lost the tickets

    Cece: oh no I lost the tickets

    Tinka: WHAT?!

    Also Rocky go on the first date with Mark

    Mark: will you go out with me

    Rocky: Yes!!!!!


    Mark It Up premieres JaNEWary 17, 2014 on SIU Ultimate Fan's blog

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  • Grace 1997

    My season 4

    January 12, 2014 by Grace 1997

    Hay guys! That's for all the people, who are reading my Season 4 at fan fiction. net! 

    I made an AN with a few notes for the last episodes and so on , like crossover etc. and i really need your opinion about it ! :)

    I hope, that you guys get a look at it and leave a review with your vote! :)

    Every vote counts! :)

    Shake it up, Season 4- All or nothing!

    I'm already saying thanks for voting and for the reviews! :D

    Love you guys as always xx

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  • Austin and Ally Ultimate Fan

    Move It Up, Part 1 (February, 2014)

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  • The swarm hut

    shake the future it up is the second episode of season 4 (plot) 1 year after the events of future it up the story continues                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          (notes)this is a 1 hour special, more notes coming soon                                                 …

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  • The swarm hut

    Bet it up is the first episode of season 4

    (plot) when tinka makes a bet with rocky she can say yes to the next question someone asks her it all turns around when ty then asks her if she will go on a date with him

    (notes) there is a lot of tynka in this episode , ty and tinka will kiss in this episode , gunther is shown video chatting with tinka in this episode , ty and tinka start dating secretly in this episode

    (video chat scene) tinka: hey gunther  gunther: hello sister how have you been  tinka: not good actully  gunther: why little sis  tinka: i made a bet with rocky and now i have to go on a date with gross ty  gunther: (shocked)  tinka: yeah i gotta go bye little brother  gunther: bye

    (date scene) ty: hello tinka you ready to go to the m…

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  • Grace 1997

    Hey guys, again a blog here. Sorry for the much blogs, but i wanted to post it in my just finished Kickin' it story tomorrow.

    Well, since not everybody, who watches SIU, also watches Kickin' it, i thought i'll write it also here, before my SIU stories are ending.

    Well, like i said my story'' Jealous 'ended today and my Shake it up, Season 4- All or nothing and my story Here we go again it up are also ending soon and i thought New Year. New Luck.

    That's why i am asking: Is someone still interested in a collab?

    After the thing with WhiteFlag went downhills (Not because we're to stupid to write collabs or something like this, had more 'private' reasons) i first was completely against collabs but if you guys have an account at fan fiction net, tim…

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  • Grace 1997

    Hay guys. :)

    I was just curious, since i'm now writing since a bit over a half year now english (since 3 1/2 years german :D ) and i wanted to know from the people who read my stories what your favorite story from me is :)

    It doesn't have to be finished :D

    It would be also cool, if you tell me why.

    Critic is also accepted ;D

    Love you guys as always xx

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  • Geordel and ArianaGrandeLover

    Plot:Chyna,Olive,Fletcher,Lexi and Angus fly to Chicago for Chyna who got invited to sing on Shake It Up, Chicago.There they meet CeCe,Rocky,Gunther,Tinka,Deuce,Dina and Ty who show them the Chicago.Then,the gang has fun and in the end Chyna,Lexi,CeCe,Rocky and Tinka sing a song.

    Rocky:Hey,CeCe,Good Morning.Are you ready to go to the airport to take the ANTs?

    CeCe:Rocky,is it so neseccary to take them?Why not Gary?

    Rocky:Cause....we need to take the spotlight dance and to show Gary how responsible we are.

    CeCe:Ok,that's a good option.

    (music starts)

    Chyna:Wow.This airport is so cool.

    Olive:Yes,according to a survey this is the most beautiful airport in the world.

    Fletcher:Would you ever stop that?

    Olive:Haha...No(mad look)

    Agnus:And it has good food…

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  • Geordel and ArianaGrandeLover
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  • Geordel and ArianaGrandeLover

    Plot:CeCe and Rocky are both in a bad mood after their fight so the gang decides to comfort them and befriend them.Ty,Mark,Deuce and Dina try to convince Rocky to befriend with CeCe,when Gunther,Tinka and Logan try to change CeCe's mind.What will happen/Will their friendship come back?


    CeCe:Good morning,Tinka.

    Tinka:CeCe?Are you better?

    CeCe:No,I am so sad and.......(crying)

    Tinka:No,CeCe.Everything will be repaired.


    Tinka:Sure why not?


    Ty:Hey,Rocks!Are you fine?

    Rocky:No so much.(crying)

    Ty:Hey,sis.No crying.Everything wil okay again.

    Rocky:I am not sure.


    Ty:Okay,guys that is not cool.

    Tinka:yeah,The girls cry all the time.

    Gunther:What we should do?

    Deuce:Gunther is right.What we will do to befriend them?


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  • Bellashakeszendaya

    Hey guys I was thinking how about we write fanfic here in the wiki like we can create rogan fanfics in one article.... or gece fanfics in other articles?! And like that! I hope you guys like my idea :)

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  • Geordel and ArianaGrandeLover

    Plot:Rocky asks CeCe if she wants to come on a double-date with her at the cafeteria(since she is Gunther's girlfriend now).But,she refuses saying that she hasn't the mood to go.Then,Rocky asks her if she doesn't like Mark and they start a big fight leading them heartbroken.Meanwhile,Ty and Tinka exchange presents for new year.

    CeCe:Good morning Ms.Blue

    Rocky:Hey CeCe

    CeCe:Guess what.I and Gunther exchanged presents and kisses.

    Rocky:Oh my god,will you ever stop to talk about about your boyfriend?

    CeCe:(disturbed face)

    (music starts)

    Ty:Hey,babe do you wanna start to exchange presents?

    Tinka:Ok,I will start

    (Passionate kiss)

    TY:Ok,the best present I ever had.

    Tinka:I have you 1 more too

    (a big box with recording gadgets)

    Ty:OMG.This is awesome.I love i…

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  • Austin and Ally Ultimate Fan
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  • Hannah Baker 16

    Shake it up

    January 4, 2014 by Hannah Baker 16

    Hi  Shake it up  How are you girls doing right now Because I wathc your show on disney channel

    love Hannah Marie

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  • Imabookworm

    SIUW AWARDS 2014!!!!!!

    January 2, 2014 by Imabookworm


    1. fav female character: 1.rocky blue 2.cece jones 3.tinka hessenheffer 4.dina Garcia

    2. fav male character: 1.ty blue 2. deuce Martinez 3. Flynn jones 4.gunther hessenheffer

    3. fav season:1. season 1 2.season2 3.season3 4.all!!!

    4. fav song: 1.roll the dice 2.our generation 3.the theme song 4.remember me

    5. fav album: 2 dance 2.made in japan 3.I

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  • GeCe&TynkaItUp7

    Happy New Year!

    January 1, 2014 by GeCe&TynkaItUp7

    Happy New Year to everyone on the Shake It Up Wiki!

    What did you guys do?

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  • Geordel and ArianaGrandeLover


    Since Gunther came back,he has feelings for CeCe.But,is someone else who likes CeCe too.It's Logan.What will happen when both ask her out?Does she likes someone?And who?

    Rocky:Hey Hey Hey

    CeCe:hey,Rocky.Are you ready for the first weekend after school?

    Rocky:Of course.Mark and I will go to a cafeteria at 11.Do you wanna come?

    CeCe:Nope.I don't like see people make out in front of me.

    Rocky(mad look)

    (music starts)

    (door knocks)


    CeCe:Hey,Gunther.What did you say?

    Gunther:Look,CeCe.I like you,do you wanna come on a date with me?

    CeCe:omg,yes i will,come to take me at 8.

    Gunther:Super,see ya



    CeCe:Hey,Logan how do you doing?Do you wanna ice tea as usual?

    Logan:Yeah,thank you.

    CeCe:What's up?

    Logan::CeCe?Can I ask you a …

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  • Austin and Ally Ultimate Fan

    Shake It Up: The World Tour (2014)

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