Go Bulldogs!
— Candy in Show It Up
Candy Cho
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Candace Lisa Cho
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Mr. Cho
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Randy (brother)
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Candace "Candy" Lisa Cho is the head cheerleader of the Bulldogs as well as a student at John Hughes High School and only appeared in the episode "Show It Up". She is enemies with Rocky Blue. She is potrayed by Charlet Chung.


She is shown to always get first place at anything Rocky Blue does while Rocky only gets second place. Rocky seems to have a strong dislike for Candy, only because Candy always has to one-up her in everything she does. She and her partner, Randy, are also shown to be very rude towards everyone in their school and have no shame in manipulating people (The Hessenheffers, Mr. Polk). She also makes fun of Gunther and Tinka to the point where Gunther gets really mad. Candy tricked Gunther and Tinka into thinking that they would perform with them at the talent show, so that Rocky, CeCe, Gunther, and Tinka wouldn't win. She is very popular and her best friend is shown to be a fellow cheerleader named Randy. Although she seems sweet and innocent to the teachers, she acts like a complete jerk to all the other students.


  • "Go Bulldogs!"


  • She's the head cheerleader.
  • Her catchphrase is "Go bulldogs!".
  • She's Rocky's rival, or so Rocky considers her.
  • She wins first place every year at the school talent show.
  • She versed Rocky, CeCe, and Ty in the talent show.
  • She tricked Gunther and Tinka into helping them so they'd be able to win the talent show.
  • She tricked Deuce into ripping up the envelope, which contained the name of the winner of the school talent show, because she was scared that she would lose.
  • Even if she didn't have Deuce rip up the envelope, she wouldn't have lost the school talent show. It was revealed that the envelope had her name in it, a fact that drives Rocky crazy.


Season 1

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