Chicago, Illinois




United States of America

Chicago, Illinois is the largest city in the United States where the characters in Shake It Up live.

Known Places


Freckles: Apartment #2B
Mrs. Locassio: Apartment 3?
Jones family: Apartment 3B
Blue family: Apartment 4B
Hessenheffer family: Apartment 8B


The image gallery for Chicago may be viewed here.

Behind the Scenes

  • Although Shake It Up takes place in Chicago, the show is filmed in Los Angeles, CA at Los Angeles Center Studios.
  • The Main Street train station is frequently seen on the show and has the city block coordinates of "3600N" and "940W". In reality, these block coordinates are those of the Addison station.
  • Legendary filmmaker John Hughes is referenced in Chicago, Illinois, mainly through the city's high school.
  • In Rocky and CeCe's apartment building there are eight floors; however, in the exterior shots of the building, it is shown to be half the size of what it actually is.

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