Cole Plante
Biographical Information
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Nationality: American
Hometown: Los Angeles, California
Nicknames: COLE
Occupation(s): DJ / Producer / Gamer
Affiliation(s): Hollywood Records
Official website:
Official Twitter: @coleplante

Cole Plante is an American Disc Jockey formerly known as KiD DJ, Plante changed his pseudonym to Cole, for he does not feel his DJ career will stop any time soon.


Freshman Cole Plante moved to Beverly Hills from Walnut, Calif. in 2009 to improve upon his fencing skills. However, Plante ended up dropping fencing to focus on music and becoming a DJ, something he had been interested in for four years.

“My dad was a DJ, so I took after him. I started messing with his old DJ equipment, and it just came naturally. I had been into music since I was seven,” Plante said. After meeting Paul Oakenfold, Cole was given a chance to perform with him for an event in Las Vegas, Nevada for 4,000 people. This was Plante’s first performance and his first sign that he would be continuing his DJ career for quite some time. At that show, he was introduced to Red Bull and from there started a mutual relationship.“[Red Bull] has always been so supportive of me since then. They let me use their studio, introduced me to many great athletes & inspiring people, got me awesome and exclusive Red Bull items, and invite me to many of their amazing events like MotoGP, X-Games & Soap Box Races. They are a really great group of people,” Plante said. [1]

In April 2012, Disney Channel signed Plante as an artist and producer. He appeared in a music video for Disney Channel’s show “Shake it Up,” will be on its season finale, and he will also be a DJ for a Disney dance competition. “[My journey as a DJ] was pretty fast. In one year, I have gotten from the Las Vegas performance to playing in Miami and getting signed with Disney. I shot straight to the top,” Plante said.

“Definitely this is going to be a long-term career choice. Obviously it is going to go along with making music and acting,” Plante said. Already, Plante has performed in Las Vegas, Hollywood, Miami, San Francisco, school fundraisers, and in two weeks, San Diego. He plays mostly dance music like electro house, progressive house, big room house and sometimes dubstep.

“I love seeing the joy I bring to people when I perform at all of these performances,” Plante said. “Just hearing the music and seeing the reactions makes it amazing! I also love the traveling and I am grateful for it all.” [2]



Music Videos


While juggling a budding career, Plante also maintains the schedule of a typical high school student. He is in honors classes, the marching band and on the track and field team.


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  2. Cole Plantes Rise To Fame,, 18 April 2012.

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