Relationship Information
Between: Flynn Jones
Deuce Martinez
Status: Friends
First Interaction: Start It Up
Background Information
Portrayed By: Davis Cleveland
Adam Irigoyen

Deucynn (Deuc/e and Fl/ynn) is the friendship pairing of Flynn Jones and Deuce Martinez. Deuce often babysits Flynn and they have several subplots together.

Friendship Moments

Season One

Start It Up

  • Deuce, Flynn, and Ty viewed the program "Shake It Up, Chicago".

Party It Up

  • Deuce (and Ty) babysits Flynn.

Wild It Up

  • Deuce and Flynn work together to try to catch a mouse that is on the loose in the Jones' apartment.

Show It Up

  • Deuce and Flynn emcee for the talent show at John Hughes High School as a "two-headed person" with Flynn on Deuce's back for the show's entirety.

Hot Mess It Up

  • Deuce, Flynn and Ty created their own webshow involving zombies, resulting in "Zombie Idol".

Reunion It Up

  • Deuce killed Flynn's goldfish, Mr. Goldberg, and held a funeral for him.

Sweat It Up

  • Deuce, Flynn and Ty have to take care of Mrs. Lee's dog, Bitsy.

Throw It Up

  • Mrs. Jones puts Deuce is in charge of Flynn and running his errands because she is sick.
  • Flynn tricks Deuce into going off and having a good time instead of running their errands.
  • Deuce and Flynn go to a baseball game together, which Mrs. Jones sees on television while at home, sick.
  • Deuce and Flynn get grounded by Mrs. Jones and are sent to Flynn's room.

Season Two

Doctor It Up

  • Deuce makes Flynn act as the Great Wazoo, a fortune-telling machine that Uncle Frank bought for Crusty's after it accidentally breaks.
  • Flynn and Uncle Frank get revenge on Deuce by pretending Flynn was still in the machine and was on a plane to Italy after Uncle Frank sold the machine to another pizza parlor.

Double Pegasus It Up

  • Deuce and Flynn have to retrieve a cash register key from a fish tank.

Split It Up

  • Deuce and Flynn try to help Ty improve his rap skills.

Tunnel It Up

  • Flynn sneaked to the party

Rock and Roll It Up

  • In the past, Flynn and Deuce's alternative self Timmy and Ace were brothers.

Boot It Up

  • Flynn and Deuce are in the Rainbow Scouts.

Slumber It Up

  • Flynn shows Deuce the treasure map first.
  • Flynn was wrong about Dina cheating on Deuce.

Season Three

Coming Soon!


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