My Fair Librarian It Up 08
Relationship Information
Between: Deuce Martinez
Logan Hunter
Status: Friends
First Interaction: My Fair Librarian It Up
Background Information
Portrayed By: Adam Irigoyen
Leo Howard

Deugan (Deu/ce + Lo/gan) is the friendship pairing between Deuce Martinez and Logan Hunter. They first met in My Fair Librarian It Up when they were helping Flynn build a soapbox car. Deuce thought Logan was cool and so they got on well.

Other Pairing Names

  • Leuce (L/ogan + D/euce)
  • Dogan (D/euce + L/ogan)
  • Deucan (Deuc/e + Log/an)
  • Degan (De/uce + Lo/gan)


My Fair Librarian It Up

  • Deuce and Logan meet for the first time.
  • Deuce though Logan was cool.
  • Deuce worn the same shirt as Logan.

I Do It Up

  • Deuce and Logan are both at Georgia and Jeremy's wedding.

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