Camp It Up 28
Relationship Information
Between: Flynn Jones
Suzy Richman
Status: Crush
First Interaction: Camp It Up
Background Information
Portrayed By: Davis Cleveland
Ashley Boettcher

Flyzy (Fly/nn and Su/zy) is the romantic pairing of Flynn Jones and Suzy Richman.

Other names

  • Sunn (Su/zy + Fly/nn)
  • Flyny (Flyn/n + Suz/y)
  • Slynn (S/uzy + F/lynn)
  • Suzynn (Suz/y + Fl/ynn)
  • Fluzy (Fl/ynn + S/uzy)
  • Fuzy (F/lynn + S/uzy)
  • Synn (S/uzy +Fl/ynn)


Camp It Up

  • Suzy comes home to Flynn, Flynn shows up and says that she smells like rainbows.
  • When Suzy clashes with Larry, who stepped whom, Flynn says it's not Suzy.
  • Flynn cut Suzy's sandwich in the shape of a heart.
  • Suzy says that it is not her type.
  • When they go to look for Larry Diller, Flynn wants to be paired with Suzy.
  • Flynn said that she was good at dancing, and she said "call me".


The image gallery for Flyzy may be viewed here.

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