Logan & Flynn doing their handshake in "Oh Brother It Up".
Relationship Information
Between: Flynn Jones
Logan Hunter
Ship Name: Fogan
Status: Friends/Brothers in law
First Interaction: Oh Brother It Up
Background Information
Portrayed By: Davis Cleveland
Leo Howard

Fogan is the friendship pairing of Flynn Jones and Logan Hunter (Flynn/Logan) They first met in Oh Brother It Up. Since Flynn's mother Georgia and Logan's father Jeremy didn't get married, they didn't become stepbrothers. They are also like best friends and do a lot together, in the time, Logan is there.

Pairing Names

  • Fogan (Flynn/Logan) Official Pairing Name
  • Flogan (Flynn/Logan)
  • Lynn (Logan/Flynn)


  • They both like to skateboard.
  • They both love making fun of Cece.
  • They have a handshake together.
  • They both like and get along with Rocky better than Cece.


Oh Brother It Up

  • Logan planned to take Flynn to Concussion Hill after learning Flynn's a skater, but never ridden a half pipe.
  • Flynn said Logan made a great impression.
  • Flynn revealed to Logan Cece's stupid nickname "Cissy" and Logan smiled.

Quit It Up

  • Logan and Flynn planned to go to the park together to go skateboarding.
  • Logan and Flynn made fun of Cece for learning what she quitted a while ago and Flynn explained the events.
  • Logan and Flynn are trying to think of new ways to say "epic" but got lost.
  • Logan and Flynn went to see what was Cece doing.
  • Logan and Flynn made fun of Cece for being in a zit costume.
  • Logan and Flynn believe Cece will quit the job soon.
  • Logan and Flynn for the last time examined what Cece quitted on.
  • Logan saw the costume and laughed at it calling it ridiculous and believing its Cece's, but it truly belong to Flynn and Logan felt awkward.

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