Interior. Shake It Up, Chicago! studio. Showtime.
Gary: And now, Shake It Up, Chicago! presents the Spotlight Dance of the week. Let's hear it for the one, the only, CeCe Jones!

(CeCe appears on stage to dance)

♫ I don't need no one to tell me how to feel the beat ♫
♫ And I don't need no beat to tell me how to move my feet ♫
♫ Just go and do what you do, 'cause there's nothing to prove ♫
♫ I'm just being me, w-watch me, do me, I don't need no magazine ♫
♫ To tell me who to be, and I don't need to pose for p-p-paparazzi ♫

CeCe: (Enter Rocky) Uh, hit the road, buzz kill. This is a solo gig.
Rocky: CeCe, you're asleep. This is a dream.
CeCe: I know. A dream come true.
Rocky: Uh, you don't find it strange that you were making out with Robert Pattinson before you came out here and started dancing?
CeCe: Don't worry. I didn't let him bite my neck.
Rocky: Okay, if this isn't a dream, then, uh, why is Gary Wilde dressed as a giant hot dog, dancing with some squeezy mustard?
(Gary Wilde is in a hot dog costume, dancing and shoving a man dressed in a mustard costume)

♫ Feel the room rock ♫
♫ I'm doing all I wanna do ♫
♫ And I won't stop until I can't move... ♫

Transition to: Interior. CeCe's bedroom.
CeCe: (In her sleep) I'm a star... No, I'm a superstar...
Rocky: (Shaking CeCe) Wake up. Wake up. Wake up!
CeCe: (Screams) Oh, hey Rocky. I was having a dream, and you were there. And Gary Wilde was a hot dog dancing with some squeezy mustard. What do you think that's about?
Rocky: Um, that you shouldn't have eaten four hot dogs last night.
CeCe: Wow, you're good.
Rocky: Okay, get up. Get dressed. You know Mrs. Locassio from the third floor?
CeCe: The woman who doesn't like you?
Rocky: She does like me. Everyone likes me! Anyway, I volunteered us at her Senior Center, and we're gonna perform for them this morning.
CeCe: Senior Center. Unless you're talking about high school seniors, I am going back to sleep. (Lays back down)
Rocky: (Hits CeCe with her pillow repeatedly) Wake up.
CeCe: I'm up. I'm up. I'm up. I'm up!
Opening sequence. Then: Interior. Senior Center.
Rocky: (She and CeCe are dancing) Isn't community service great?
CeCe: Sure, if you're trying to stay out of jail. (Audience claps)
Rocky: (Sits down) What's the matter, Mrs. Locassio? Is your arthritis acting up and you can't clap your hands?
Mrs. Locassio: You call that dancing? I danced better than that when I was a Vegas showgirl... and I did it in my birthday suit. Of course, that was before I had my hip replaced.
Rocky: (Gets up) Well, let's see how good you really are, 'cause it's time for everyone to dance! (To Mrs. Locassio) And remember, it's not your birthday.
CeCe: (They start dancing with the seniors) Uh-huh, oh, yeah. Say what? Say what? (Waving Mr. Truman's arms in the air) Who's got the groove? Who's got the groove?
Mr. Truman: I don't know about the groove, but I know I got the gout!
Rocky: (Takes Mrs. Locassio's arm, pulling her) Come on. Dancing is a great way to get some exercise and increase mobility.
Mrs. Locassio: (Pulls her arm back and forth with Rocky) I don't wanna dance. Leave me alone! I don't like you!
Rocky: Well, I mean, sure you do. I mean, everybody likes me. I'm adorable!
CeCe: (Pulls Mrs. Locassio to her feet with Rocky) Come on, dance!
Rocky: Let's have fun. Ready? (Bumping hips with Mrs. Locassio) Ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh--
Mrs. Locassio: Ow! I think you broke my other hip.
Rocky: Sorry.
Interior: Shake It Up, Chicago! studio. Showtime.
(Johnny B has the Spotlight Dance)

♫ Get it right (get, get it right) ♫
♫ Time to shine (c'mon, yo, yo, we'll make it shine) ♫
♫ Gotta step up 'cause it's our night ♫
♫ ('Cause it's our night y'all, yeah it's our night y'all) ♫
♫ Gotta cheers 'cause we're here (and we're not going nowhere) ♫
♫ Starting a new page with no more fears, yeah... ♫

Rocky: Wow. This guy is amazing! I mean, does he even have bones in his body? He's like a jellyfish. A dancing jellyfish!
CeCe: I'll never get a Spotlight Dance. Why did I have to be born with a spinal column?!
Gary: (Enters) That was Johnny B in the Spotlight Dance! Let's get real now. Next week, Shake It Up presents our all-day dance marathon. We're raising money for local charities because... Shake It Up cares.
Director: (Off-screen) And cut. That's a wrap.
Gary: Oh, I'm glad that's done. (Tosses his microphone) All right. Listen up, dancers. I need you to pick a partner and a charity for the marathon. Start signing up sponsors, people. Last couple standing wins five grand for the cause.
Rocky: Whoa. They can help the Senior Center! We can give them a new couch, a new stereo, all the prune juice they can drink.
CeCe: Rocky, enough with the charity work already! I'm not wasting another Saturday. We're out.
Gary: And don't forget, last couple standing also wins a special Spotlight Dance of the Week!
CeCe: (Raises her and Rocky's hands) We're in!
Interior. John Hughes High School.
Ty: (Enters with Deuce, holding a clip board) Okay, who's gonna sponsor my sister, Rocky, in the Shake It Up marathon? Hey, Tommy! (Pushes him against the locker and pats him down) Come on, people! Give 'til it hurts. Or at least until this sheet is filled up.
Deuce: (Walking) Dude, it wouldn't kill you to make a donation.
Ty: I am making a donation... of my time.
Deuce: Cheap. Cheap, cheap, cheap, cheap, cheap.
Ty: Get off my back, man. I'm saving up for a car.
Deuce: Yeah? Well, I bet it'll be a cheap car. Cheap, cheap, cheap, cheap, cheap, cheap, cheap, cheap.
Ty: Maybe it will. But I'm not giving you a ride. Walk. Walk, walk, walk, walk, walk, walk, walk, walk.
Tinka: (Enters with Gunther) Oh, look who's still trying to get sponsors for the marathon.
Gunther: (Holds up their clip board full of signatures) Our sheet's already filled up. We stood outside our papa's butcher shop, and everyone who pledged got a free garlic sausage.
Tinka & Gunther: Mmm!
Ty: Who are you guys dancing for?
Gunther: Well, if you must know, we will be shaking our moneymakers for the Mousse Foundation. (Goes to leave)
Deuce: Since when are moose an endangered species?
Tinka: (Makes moose ears with her hands) Not these moose. (Pretends to shampoo Gunther's hair) These mousse!
Gunther: Mousse Foundation provides hair care products for underprivileged children.
Tinka: But not just mousse. Also gel, shampoos, and conditioners!
Gunther: Thanks to Mousse Foundation, the less fortunate never looked more fabulous! (They pose)
Tinka: (Walks up to Deuce and touches his hair) You could use a little help, huh? (Exits. Ty laughs at Deuce)
Interior. Senior Center.
Rocky: And the last couple standing wins five grand for their charity. (The seniors clap)
Mrs. Locassio: You two will never win the marathon. You're too weak and scrawny. What we need is a couple of fat broads dancing for us.
Rocky: Come on, Mrs. Locassio. Everybody else seems to be excited about this.
Mrs. Locassio: You think they're excited now? Watch this. (Calls out) Bingo! (The seniors cheer)
CeCe: Would it kill her to say "thank you"?
Rocky: CeCe, this isn't about getting props. It's about bringing in a little joy to the elderly. Besides, Mrs. Locassio reminds me of grandmother. (Mrs. Locassio makes a face at them)
CeCe: Really? Your grandmother doesn't like you?
Rocky: Grammy likes me. Mrs. Locassio likes me. (Yelling) Everyone likes me! (Smiles sweetly and goes to Mrs. Locassio's table) I love your macaroni sculpture, you're a very talented artist!
Mrs. Locassio: Let me know when you stop talking. I'll turn my hearing aid back on.
CeCe: (Gapes) Well, before you do, I have a few choice words for you. (Rocky covers her mouth and pulls her away)
Interior. Jones' apartment.
Rocky: (Climbs in through the window) Hey, hey, hey!
CeCe: Yo, Rocky. Look what I got for us for the Shake It Up marathon. Bang Pow Zoom energy drinks.
Rocky: (Takes the can) Wait. Each can has more caffeine than three cups of coffee.
CeCe: Exactly. But you're saying it all wrong. (Takes the can from Rocky. Like a spokesperson) Each can has more caffeine than three cups of coffee!
Rocky: (Grabs the can) If we drink all this, we'll be up 'til Christmas.
CeCe: Exactly. But you're saying it all wrong. (Grabs the can. Like a spokesperson) If we drink this--
Rocky: (Covers CeCe's mouth with her hand) Yeah, yeah. I get it. (Takes the can and places it down in the living room) But drinking this is like a professional athlete taking steroids before a game. (They sit down)
CeCe: What? It's just fruit punch... with a little kick.
Rocky: That's how it starts! First, energy drinks. That leads to harder stuff. Next thing you know, you're thrown off the show, you drop out of school, your mom kicks you out, and you're living behind a dumpster! (Gets in CeCe's face) And everyone knows that you can't plug your cell phone into a rat's mouth!
CeCe: (Follows Rocky to the door) Fine! But if we don't get that Spotlight Dance-- (Rocky gives her a look) I mean, money for those sweet senior citizens-- it is on you. (They exit, Flynn enters) Be back soon!
Flynn: (Grabs his baseball glove and sees the can of Bang Pow Zoom) Bang Pow Zoom? (Drinks it and gets a rush) Me likey! (Keeps drinking)
Exterior. CeCe & Rocky's apartment building. They're sitting on the steps.
Deuce: Girls!
CeCe: Hey, Deuce!
Deuce: Look, my cousin, Seraphina, is launching a line of really cool clothes, and I'm doing a little market research for her. (Pulls clothes from behind him) What do you think?
Rocky & CeCe: Ooh!
Deuce: Hang on. (The pants light up)
Rocky & CeCe: Ahh!
Deuce: Nice couture, huh? FYI, Seraphina told me "couture" means fancy clothes. ...Thought it meant lady parts. You like?
CeCe: No. We love!
Deuce: Good, 'cause they're yours. (Gives the clothes to CeCe)
CeCe: Thanks, Deuce. You're the best!
Rocky: (Takes the clothes from CeCe) Yeah, but what's the catch?
Deuce: Why do you always think I'm working some angle? (They give him a look) Okay, so here's the angle. You gotta wear it in the marathon and give it a little free advertising.
CeCe: No problem!
Rocky: Yes, problem. It seems selfish to use a charity event to promote somebody's business. We're supposed to be dancing to help old people.
Deuce: Cousin Seraphina is old. She's 26.
Rocky: Well... charity does begin at home. (They exit)
Interior. Jones' apartment.
CeCe: (She and Rocky enter and see empty cans on the table) What happened to all the energy drinks? (Rocky shrugs)
Flynn: (Running in circles around the kitchen table) Ooh, Bang Pow Zoom! (Runs through the apartment)
CeCe: (They run after him) Get him!
Rocky: I'll get him, too!
Flynn: (Rocky and CeCe carry him onto the couch) You know that part in Goodnight Moon where it says "Goodnight, nobody"? That part creeps me out. You know what else creeps me out? Tuna. Pack in water, pack it in oil. Make a decision! (Screams and tries to get away)
Rocky: No! (They hold him down)
CeCe: No! I'm sure he'll calm down soon.
Flynn: You know what else creeps me out? The vowels. I get A, E, I, O, and U, but why Y? (Yells) Why Y?!
Rocky: It's going to be a long night.
Interior. CeCe's bedroom.
Rocky: (Enters with CeCe in tow) So... tired...
CeCe: Must... sleep... (They fall onto the bed. Laptop alarm goes off: "Dance Marathon Today !!" They get up and CeCe shuts it off)
Rocky: 8 AM?!
CeCe: Ugh, I just had the worst dream. We were supposed to dance all day long in the marathon, but Flynn kept us up the entire night before. (They fall back on the bed)
Flynn: (Gets out from under the covers) Could you keep it down? I'm trying to sleep!
Interior. Shake It Up, Chicago! studio. Rocky and CeCe are at the make-up station, asleep. CeCe has lipstick on her cheek and neck. Rocky wakes up with smudged make-up.
Deuce: (Enters) Ladies! You're looking... I was gonna say "good," now, gonna go with "yuck."
Rocky: He's right, we look terrible!
Deuce: No. When my great-aunt Sylvia died, they did her makeup just like that.
Gary: (Enters) Okay, everyone. Quick reminder. No matter what, don't stop moving on the dance floor, or you're out. Now, we're about to go live on the air, so what happens here will be broadcast out there as it happens. Now, remember, kids, there's a lot riding on this marathon.
CeCe: Yeah, the Spotlight Dance.
Rocky: He meant a lot of money for charity. Can you not think about yourself for, like, one minute?
CeCe: You're right! I'll just think about Mrs. Locassio and how she doesn't like you.
Rocky: (Angrily) She does like me! Everybody likes me!
Tinka: Not everybody.
Gary: Welcome to the Shake It Up charity dance marathon. I'm Gary Wilde. The pledge lines are now open, and it's time to get this party started! (Music starts and the dancers start dancing)
Interior. Jones' apartment.
Flynn: (Slapping himself) I swear, I'm never touching another energy drink as long as I live.
Ty: (On his laptop. Flynn sits on the couch) Good, because the less energy you have, the easier you are to babysit.
Flynn: I would object to being called a baby, but right now I need a nap. I'm so tired. (Reaches for an energy drink) You know, I could really go for a few sips of... (Pulls his hand back) What am I saying? Must stay away from that devil juice.
Ty: (Brings his laptop over to Flynn) Yo, check this out.
Gary: (On-screen) It's been three hours, and we're still shaking it up for charity. Call that number on your screen, or text a pledge to 6767. (Takes a card from a phone operator) Oh. Look here, folks. We got a challenge. Deuce has donated $5 and is challenging Ty Blue to meet it or beat it.
Ty: What?
Gary: He also wants me to add this: Cheap, cheap, cheap, cheap, cheap, cheap, cheap.
Ty: He's calling me out? Deuce is calling me out? What, does he think I'm his little puppet? He pulls the strings, and I pick up the phone and make a donation? Hmph. What was that number again?
Interior. Shake It Up, Chicago! studio. Rocky is yawning. A couple falls.
Gary: Another one bites the dust. Well, who could be on top of their game after four grueling hours? Oh, that's right. Me, Gary Wilde. (Takes a card from a phone operator) Oh, thank you. Oh, here's a generous donation from Ty Blue. Pledging $20 for support of his sister, Rocky. (Rocky and CeCe wave at the camera) Pledge is also in memory of his friend, Deuce... who is now dead to him. (Tosses the card and smiles)
Ty: (Holding his phone) Ha! Take that Deuce. And it only cost me 20 bucks.
Flynn: No, it cost you 20 bucks for every hour they dance. Even I knew that, and I'm 8.
Ty: But they've already been dancing for four hours. That's, that's, um--
Flynn: 80 bucks, genius.
Ty: I gotta get down to the studio and stop them from dancing. I need to fix this!
Flynn: And I need to nap!
Ty: (Picks up Flynn over his shoulder) You'll just have to nap up here. (Heads to the door)
Flynn: This is outrageous! Just wait 'til my mom hears about-- (Falls asleep instantly)
Interior. Shake It Up, Chicago! studio. Many dancers are asleep in a pile on the floor next to the stage. Several couples are still standing, some tired, some fully awake. Gary is walking around, looks at CeCe and Rocky, who are dancing lazily.
CeCe: (She and Rocky dance energetically) Oh, yeah! Yeah!
Rocky: Whoo!
Gary: (Walks over to a couple who are asleep, standing. He snaps and they fall) We're going to give our four remaining couples a little break and go to commercial. We'll be right back. You better be, too.
Stage manager: (Over speaker) And we're clear.
CeCe: (Gunther and Tinka are still dancing) You guys do know you don't have to dance during the break, right?
Gunther: We know. We're just rubbing ourselves in your face.
Tinka: Ready, Gunther? Let's break. (Gunther shakes her shoulders, stops)
Gunther: And again. (Shakes Tinka's shoulders. CeCe and Rocky exit)
Flynn: (Enters with Ty. Ty puts Flynn down on the pile of sleeping dancers) Hey! Help! (Sleeps)
Ty: (Goes up to Rocky and CeCe who are in the make-up chairs) Woah. You two look sleepy... and you're getting sleepier... (Singing, Rocky and CeCe gets sleepier) Lullaby, and goodnight...
Rocky: (Gets up) What are you doing?
Ty: Cheering you on!
CeCe: Really? Because it sounds more like you're putting us to sleep.
Ty: Don't be ridiculous. (Singing) Lullaby, and goodnight...
Deuce: (Enters, pulls Ty back by his shirt) Ladies! You're doing great. Don't forget to show the Seraphina label every chance you get, and keep the lights on. There. (Turns switches on and Rocky and CeCe's pants light up)
CeCe: (Yawns) I don't know how much longer I can do this. I'm running on fumes.
Deuce: You just need a jump start. (Pinches CeCe's arm)
CeCe: Ow! You-you just pinched me. What was that for?
Deuce: I did it for the old people.
Gary: As we enter our eighth hour, we go on remote to one of the charities our final dancers are competing for. (Mrs. Locassio appears on-screen) Welcome to Shake It Up Cares!
Mrs. Locassio: It's a pleasure to be here, I've never seen your show before. It's awful.
Gary: (Laughs) Aren't the elderly adorable? Anyway, Rocky and CeCe are dancing their little butts off for you. Is there something you'd like to say to them?
Mrs. Locassio: Yes, there is. Tell the little one she's dancing like she has a load in her pants. (CeCe stops dancing and gapes) And tell the big one I have cataracts, but even I can see she has a zit on her forehead. (Rocky touches her forehead)
CeCe: That's it. I don't have to take that from some old, cranky neighbor lady. I'm out.
Rocky: We have to be the last ones standing!
CeCe: Why bother to dance for someone who doesn't even appreciate it?
Rocky: 'Cause I'm going to get a "thank you" from that old bat if it kills me.
CeCe: (Points at Rocky) A-ha!
Rocky: A-ha, what?
CeCe: Aha, I was right. This is all about Mrs. Locassio.
Rocky: Fine! I admit it. But I don't care. I'm going to get her to like me.
CeCe: Rocky, why does everyone have to like you?
Rocky: Because when people like you, it means you're a good person.
CeCe: Rocky, trust me, you're the best person I know.
Rocky: Hearing that from you is even better than hearing it from Mrs. Locassio.
CeCe: So we can stop dancing now?
Rocky: No way. We're going to be the last ones standing, even if you're not standing. (Grabs CeCe's arm and drags her across the floor on her back)
CeCe: Whee! Ooh.
Tinka: I'm all pooped out. I give up. (Goes to walk off, Gunther pulls her back)
Gunther: What if papa gave up when he was carrying you across the mountain to freedom?
Tinka: What are you talking about? They flew here. Business class. (Goes to leave and Gunther pulls her back again. Another couple falls.)
Gary: And we're down to our final two couples. How much longer can they last?
Flynn: (Sees a can of the energy drink on the make-up table) Bang Pow Zoom. Hello, old friend. (Takes the drink)
Rocky: I don't think I can carry you anymore. (Puts CeCe down) I mean, we did our best, and we said we would dance 'til we dropped.
CeCe: And now it's time to drop. (They hug) I'm sorry.
Rocky: (Her pants spark) Ow! My pants just shocked me!
CeCe: (Her shirt sparks) Ow! My top zapped me!
Ty: (Watches CeCe and Rocky gets shocked) I don't think your cousin, Seraphina, is gonna be on Project Runway any time soon.
Deuce: Well, she can't go back to being an electrician. She was lousy at that. (Gunther and Tinka fall)
Gary: And the official winners of the marathon are... Rocky and CeCe! As the last standing couple, they will now close our show with a Spotlight Dance of the Week. Take it away, girls.
(Rocky and CeCe are on the stage, asleep. Flynn screams, running across the back of the stage.)

♫ I don't need no one to tell me how to feel the beat ♫
♫ And I don't need no beat to tell me how to move my feet ♫
♫ Just go and do what you do, 'cause there's nothing to prove ♫
♫ I'm just being me, w-watch me, do me, I don't need no magazine ♫
♫ To tell me who to be, and I don't need to pose for p-p-paparazzi ♫
♫ Just keep the cameras flashing to try to catch this action ♫
♫ I'm just being me, w-watch me, do me ♫

Flynn: (Runs on stage and starts dancing) Hey! Yo, hey! Yo, hey, hey, hey! Yeah! Yeah! Watch this! (Spins and poses, pointing to the camera) Bang Pow Zoom. (Falls asleep)
Cut to closing credits. Then: Interior. Jones' apartment.
Ty: (Carries Flynn inside over his shoulder) How you feeling, little man?
Flynn: (Flynn hits his head on the door) Ow.
Ty: Oh, sorry. (Closes the door)
Flynn: Oh, I feel horrible. I've got a headache, I'm exhausted, and let me ask you a question. Do I have a squirrel in my mouth?
Ty: Those energy drinks are bad for kids.
Flynn: Never again. (Ty puts him down on the couch and sits across from him) Thanks for taking care of me, though, Ty.
Ty: No problem. You're just lucky you've got a friend as good as me to watch your back.
Flynn: (Has "I [Heart] Ty on his forehead and a goatee and mustache drawn with marker) I owe you one, buddy.
Ty: Nah, we're even. (Laughs. Flynn looks confused and strokes his chin)

Transcribed by Mixitup21

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