Gordon Lesseur
Coach Lesseur|
Biographical Information
Gordon Lesseur
Chicago, Illonis
Professional Information
Gym teacher
Basic math teacher
Friends and Family
Love interests:
Georgia Jones (one episode)
Behind the Scenes
First Seen:
Last Seen:

Coach Gordon Lesseur is the school gym teacher at John Hughes High School. He appeared in the episode "Sweat It Up" as the school's P.E. coach, then reappeared in the episode "Brain It Up" as the Basic Math teacher, and again in "Stress It Up" as the P.E./basketball coach. He is portrayed by Jamie Kaler.


He is probably around his mid-forties, and seems to have a habit of repeating his words and answering his own questions. He dated Georgia Jones in "Sweat It Up" and helped her pull a prank on CeCe. In "Brain It Up", he teaches Basic Math.

In "Lock It Up", in an effort to get rid of Dina Garcia from his locker, Deuce Martinez lies by telling Dina that Coach Lesseur had him re-stacking the free-weights for the rest of the year. She believed him but it didn't help him.

In "Stress It Up" he teaches P.E. in basketball, and welcomes Rocky and want her to memorize the schedule for the team. He later shows up in Crusty's to pick up Rocky for basketball.


  • He asks questions and answers them before anybody else has a chance to respond.
  • He once dated Georgia.


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