Relationship Information
Between: Jeremy Hunter
Georgia Jones
Status: Dating, Formely engaged
First Interaction: Fire It Up
Background Information
Portrayed By: Anthony Starke
Anita Barone

Jergia (Jer/emy + Geor/gia) is the romantic pairing of Jeremy Hunter and Georgia Jones. They first met in Fire It Up when Jeremy was investigating the fire at Shake It Up, Chicago!. They got engaged in Oh Brother It Up and were going to get married in I Do It Up until Georgia kissed her ex-husband J.J Jones and so the wedding was cancelled.

They are portrayed by Anthony Starke and Anita Barone.

Other Pairing Names

  • Geemy (Ge/orgia + Jer/emy)
  • Jegia (Je/remy + Geor/gia)
  • Georemy (Geo/ rgia + Jer/remy)


Fire It Up

  • Georgia and Jeremy meet for the first time.
  • Jeremy first thought Georgia was CeCe's sister.
  • Georgia and Jeremy sit together at Crusty's Pizza.
  • Georgia says to Jeremy on the phone "No, you hang up!" before CeCe takes the phone from her.
  • Georgia didn't want CeCe to confess to Jeremy that she thought she caused the fire because she didn't want to ruin the relationship.

Funk It Up

  • Georgia and Jeremy are watching TV together.
  • Georgia is upset that Flynn asked Jeremy to come to his school instead of her.
  • Georgia is happy that Flynn asked Jeremy because he knew she liked him.

Merry Merry It Up

  • Georgia overhears the arguement between Jeremy and CeCe.
  • Georgia breaks up with Jeremy because of the arguement between him and CeCe.
  • When Rocky (Or the Ghost of Christmas Dance) took CeCe to the Christmas past, Georgia said that she wanted a hot fireman in her stocking, possibly referring to Jeremy.
  • In the end, Georgia and Jeremy reconcile, sharing a kiss.

Home Alone It Up

  • Georgia visits Jeremy's mother.

Oh Brother It Up

  • Georgia organizes a birthday dinner for Jeremy.
  • Georgia and Jeremy sit together at the table.
  • Jeremy proposes to Georgia and she accepts, making them engaged.

I Do It Up

  • Georgia and Jeremy don't marry in the end, after Flynn revealed that Georgia kissed her ex-husband J.J.

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