Jungle Boogie
Raqi Carter
BeeJay Harris
Anthony Hart
Antwain Hart
Antwan Thomas
Codie Wiggins
Adrian Eaton
Kenneth Tipton
Origin: Stone Mountain, Georgia
Style(s): Hip-hop, popping, locking
Affiliation(s): America's Best Dance Crew
Official website:
Official Twitter: @Jungle_Boogie
Episode: Model It Up
Danced to: Roll the Dice
Performance Video
Jungle Boogie Crew Extended Performance on Shake It Up01:06

Jungle Boogie Crew Extended Performance on Shake It Up

Jungle Boogie is the dance crew that appeared in the episode Model It Up as featured dancers. They performed to the song called Roll The Dice. They were constestants in the fifth season of America's Best Dance Crew, coming in at 4th place overall.

Led by a feisty female, these dancers pride themselves on their southern "Crankin" style and are on a mission to become king of the dance jungle. Cranking uses big step movements and arms to cover the entire dance floor. Each of the six members has a unique "animalistic" move.

Their secret weapon is Raqi, the only girl in the group. She's truly one of the guys, and they try to keep up with her hard-hitting aggressive style: lockin', poppin', wacking and voguing. Standing at only 5'1", she packs a punch and is known in the crew as "Big Mamma." She doesn't run with the pack, she's the queen of the tribe.

When twin brothers Anthony and Antwain quit college to pursue dance, their family shut them out. In response, they put this fun-loving and goofy crew together and now consider the group an extended family.

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