Kristin Wibbler
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Kristin Wibbler
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Sammi Hanratty
Kristin Wibbler is a one-time character and Tinka's rival who appears in the In The Bag It Up.


She first appeared after mocking Tinka's fashion where afterwards Tinka, Rocky and CeCe agreed to rent a designer purse. Tinka challenged Kristin to a fashion showdown where, At first, Tinka thought she got the upper hand as she got the designer purse. However, it turns out that Kristin have the same purse but with a maching wallet and shoes, in which she caused Tinka to faint and lose the fashion showdown and walked out laughing in victory.


  • Because of what she did to Tinka, many Tinka fans hate her.
  • She is Tinka's fashion rival.

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