Megan Nguyen played Girl #1 in the Shake It Up episode, "Kick It Up."


A dancer since the age of three, Megan Nguyen's professional career began at the age of ten in equity theater in her hometown of Indianapolis, Indiana. Her adolescent years on stage and in front of a camera were her training grounds in commercial, print, theater and musical theater, performing internationally and regionally, until she decided to relocate to L.A. to pursue an acting career immediately following her high school graduation. Her pursuit has taken her in more directions than she could have planned, but could not have planned it any better. Her continuous training in her art form includes being an alumni of The American Academy of Dramatic Arts, and The Meisner Center. She regularly studies with Stuart Rogers at Stuart Rogers Studios and at Improv Olympic in Hollywood.

Her versatility as an actress and wide range of skills and talents have led to many challenging and diverse job experiences in TV, film, documentary, commercials, print, live shows and motion capture. Her professionalism, hard work and love for her craft make her an asset to any set and her honesty and truth are the basis for her creativity.

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