Michael Corcoran
Backhouse Mike
Biographical Information
Gender: Male
Date of birth: December 9, 1972
Age: 39
Nationality: American
Hometown: Los Angeles, California
Occupation(s): Musician, producer, composer
Alias(es): Backhouse Mike
Ken Lofkoll
Genre(s): Pop rock, rock, pop, alternative rock, indie
Affiliation(s): Backhouse Mike & The Super Chris
Drake Bell
Years active: Late 90s-present
Official Twitter: @BackHouseMike
Composer: Series

Michael Corcoran (also known as Backhouse Mike and Ken Lofkoll) is a musician, singer/songwriter, composer, sound designer, musical arranger, orchestrator, and record producer who formed in the late 90's, along with C.J Abraham, a songwriting and producing partnership Backhouse Mike & The Super Chris. He is a music composer on Shake It Up.


He was born December 9, 1972 in Los Angeles, California.

Corcoran and Abrams started off individually with commercials and sound design projects, and still compose music for commercials and television and film, then began co-writing and co-producing music with Drake Bell, including his first album and his second album. Corcoran also wrote the end credits song for Superhero Movie with Drake Bell.

He also performed in Drake Bell's band, who have appeared on television on Regis and Kelly, Fox's New Years Celebration, Late Night with Conan O' Brien, and on the DVD Drake Bell Live In Concert (Universal/Motown), filmed live during Drake’s multi-night sold out shows in Mexico, including their national stadium. He recently departed the band in May 2010.

He also arranged the horn section with Zack Hexum for these concerts in Mexico, as stated on the credits of Drake Bell's In Concert DVD.

In addition to his work with Drake Bell, he has composed and scored over 150 episodes of Nickelodeon programming including: Drake and Josh, Zoey 101, iCarly, and Victorious, including writing the theme songs for iCarly, Merry Christmas Drake and Josh, Drake and Josh Go To Hollywood, Victorious (with Dr. Luke) and The Troop (Written and Produced by Backhouse Mike and The Super Chris).

He also helped score and composed music for the recent "Twalkin'" commercial.

In addition to work with Drake Bell and television, film and commercial scoring, Backhouse Mike and The Super Chris have collaborated with: Victoria Justice, Dr. Luke, Nick Hexum, Cindy Almouzni, Alissa Griffith, Alyssa Suede Campbell, Max Gomez, Electrolightz, The Record Life, Mavin, Zach Hexum, The Deserters, Miranda Cosgrove, and Taylor Momsen. One of the Backhouse's greatest moments came when the studio was graced by one of the preeminent geniuses of pop music, The Beach Boys' Brian Wilson, for the mix of his 2009 release That Lucky Old Sun (Capitol Records).

He mixed Brian Wilson's "Lucky Old Sun" with Brian Wilson and Scott Bennett at The Backhouse Studios.

His band (consisted of lead singer and guitarist Jon Seminara, bassist John Charles Meyer and keyboardist Kimberly Barnett, also called Backhouse Mike) appeared in an iCarly episode "iAm Your Biggest Fan" and the final episode of Zoey 101, "Chasing Zoey" as alternative punk band Backflesh. Their song "Take Me Back" appears in the iCarly soundtrack.

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