Relationship Information
Between: Rocky Blue
CeCe Jones
Gunther Hessenheffer
Status: Frenemies
First Interaction: Start It Up
Background Information
Portrayed By: Zendaya
Bella Thorne
Kenton Duty
Cast Ship: ZenKella

ReCether (R/ocky, C/eCe, Gun/ther) is the platonic relationship of Rocky, CeCe, and Gunther. They have all known eachother since the first grade where they met in dance class, all dance on the same dance show, Shake It Up Chicago, and attend John Hughes High School. Most of the Shake It Up fandom sees this tri-pairing as a love triangle.

ReCether Moments

Season One

Start It Up

  • CeCe, Gunther, and Rocky all auditioned to be on Shake It Up Chicago.
  • They all got chosen to be back up dancers on Shake It Up Chicago.

Give It Up

  • Rocky, Gunther, and CeCe all entered the dance marathon contest.
  • Rocky, Gunther and CeCe (and Tinka) were the last ones standing for the contest.

Kick It Up

  • Rocky, Gunther, and CeCe are all standing next to eachother when watching Kent Boyd dance.
  • Rocky and CeCe convince Gunther that Rocky is a witch.

Show It Up

  • Rocky and CeCe asked Gunther (And Tinka) to join them in the talent show to beat Candy and Randy.
  • Rocky and CeCe asked Gunther (And Tinka) to join them, because they think that with their help, they could win the talent show contest.
  • Gunther (And Tinka) accept to help Rocky and CeCe.

Hot Mess It Up

  • Rocky and CeCe try to help Gunther not leave to go back to the old country.
  • Rocky gets CeCe to go to the dance with Gunther.

Vatalihootsit It Up

  • Gunther (And Tinka) Invite Rocky and CeCe to his apartment to celebrate Vatalihootsit day.
  • Rocky and CeCe accept Gunther's and Tinka's invatation
  • Gunther compliments Rocky, and CeCe compliments Gunther.
  • They all seemed friendly to eachother during this episode.
  • Rocky and CeCe didn't want to be rude and turn down Gunther (And Tinka's) offer to go to their house.
  • Rocky and CeCe give up Katy Perry tickets to go to Gunther's house.

Model It Up

  • Gunther helps Rocky and CeCe when modeling.

Break It Up

  • Gunther (And Tinka) rent a cabin next door to Rocky and CeCe when they were on vacation.
  • They all play truth or dare together.
  • Gunther and CeCe tried helping Rocky when she hurt her foot.

Season 2

Shake It Up, Up & Away

  • Gunther sings the "Gufenhugen" song to Rocky and CeCe.
  • Gunther (And Tinka) leave the Shake It Up Chicago program to find Rocky and CeCe.

Auction It Up

  • Gunther gives Rocky and CeCe all the money for their dance school.
  • Rocky and CeCe told Gunther he is a nice, caring friend.
  • Rocky and CeCe agree to babysit Gunther's little cousin Klaus.

Made in Japan

  • Rocky and Cece help Gunther and Tinka.
  • They both go to Japan.


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