Interior. Shake It Up Chicago Studio. CeCe is putting food into a plastic bag.
Rocky: (Enters) Lemme guess. Your mom's working the night shift and it's your responsibility to make lunch for Flynn.
CeCe:  And do the shopping. Oh, I gotta get milk. (Takes milk out of cupboard and puts in her bag.)
Gary: Cece, stop stealing food. It's not a charity. But do you know what is charity?...Charity! Shake It Up Cares are hosting a fashion show for the children's hospital of Chicago. Top fashion designers have been guilted in participating and you are going to be in it. 
Cece: That is so exciting! I get to be a model.
Tinka: Uh, Before I sashiate down a walk of cats, i demand final approval on anything I wear!
Gary: Not gonna happen.
Tinka: (stares at Gary) Alright! you talked me into it, I'm in!
After theme song Interior. CeCe's apartment, Rocky wearing her dress on top of her clothes while she dances around the apartment
CeCe: Ladies and Gentlemen, serving up a plate of fabulous fashion and a heaping side of mmm....kayyyy. Rocky Rockin it Blue.
Rocky: (CeCe copies what Rocky just did) And crushing it on the runway we have CeCe don't you wish you were Me Me Jones.
CeCe & Rocky: (Talking together) We Look Awesome! (Laughs)
CeCe Hey Rocky, you know what would go great with these designer dresses?? DESIGNER SHOES (Rocky and CeCe screams excitedly, they run over and grabs the shoes)
Rocky & CeCe: (Talking together) I think I'm in Love...
Rocky: Woah, um they do know you have to walk in this fashion show don't they? Why did they give you those shoes?
CeCe: Because I begged them to! aren't they amazing?
Rocky: Yeah! they are, they look like a hot pink eiffel tower...CeCe you can't walk in those!
CeCe: Rocky, I have never met a pair of shoes that I couldn't walk in, see... (Falls over and Rocky catches her)
Rocky: Impossible to walk in shoes meet CeCe, CeCe meet impossible to walk in shoes.
CeCe: Going this way, Going this way. (Rocky catches her)