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Everybody likes me, I'm adorable!
Rocky in Give It Up
Rocky Blue
Rocky Blue Shake It Up Season 2.png|
Biographical Information
Raquel Blue
March 3rd 1998
Rocky (by everyone)
Rockaroni (by group of nerds)
Stretch (by Deuce, Principal Rabinoff)
Professional Information
Student, Dancer
Friends and Family
Grandpa Blue
Annie Blue
"Nana" Rose
Candy Cho (she hates her guts)
Female Dancer on Shake it up
Love interests:
Ricky Nestor (one episode)
D'Artagnan (one episode)<br /Bryan(one episode) Harrison (one episode) Matt Tucker (one episode) Juilo(one episode)
Behind the Scenes
First Seen:
Start It Up at 1st cece lost
Portrayed by:
Jasmyn Ramos (as Little Rocky)
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Raquel "Rocky" Blue[1] is one of the main protagonists on Shake It Up where she dances on the local teen dance show Shake It Up, Chicago!. She is the daughter of Marcie Blue and Curtis Blue and the younger sister of Ty Blue. She lives in an apartment with her family in the suite above her best friend, CeCe Jones, and her family. Her father is a doctor who later returned in the second season after being away on business trips and working overseas. She attends John Hughes High School in Chicago, Illinois.

Rocky is portrayed by Zendaya and by Jasmyn Ramos as Little Rocky ("Shrink It Up", "Judge It Up").


Rocky is described as generous, funny, smart, friendly, and overachieving. She values learning and has a perfect attendance record. Unlike her red headed, best friend, CeCe, she values school and takes honors classes. She is extremely intelligent, but is more book-smart rather than street-smart, the opposite of CeCe. She is a vegetarian and believes strongly in human and animal rights. Rocky is quite reserved and thinks logically before acting, which causes her to be pushed around by CeCe to take more risks. She is always trying to get CeCe out of trouble, which often gets them both into trouble. Rocky loves dancing and wants to pursue it, much to the early disapproval from her father ("Doctor It Up"). She likes Pride and Prejudice but thinks it is about romance.

In season 1, Rocky is very outspoken and expresses herself in quiet and respectful ways (excluding "Wild It Up"), but in season 2, it seems that more of her assertive and snarky side comes out. For example, in "Split It Up", she was breaking mugs with Tinka, and in "Weird It Up", she warns CeCe saying, "CeCe, if you don't apologize, you're gonna have to deal with my super-bad-wheel-of-punishment-time!"

Relationships With Other Characters

CeCe Jones

CeCe is Rocky's best friend, neighbor, classmate, and a fellow dancer on Shake It Up, Chicago. While they both harbor a love for
Rocky i cece 91
dancing, they have opposite personalities: Rocky is a good student who likes to stay away from trouble, while CeCe is dim-witted, wild and usually has Rocky do her homework. It was revealed in "Shrink It Up" that they met in dance class, where CeCe was close to quitting until Rocky convinced her to stay. They've been best friends ever since. Rocky is usually seen entering the Jones' apartment by climbing through the window via the fire escape (along with her greeting,("Hey, hey, hey!"). CeCe usually gets Rocky into interesting adventures and in trouble. (See: ReCe)

Ty Blue

Ty is Rocky's older brother. Rocky knows a few embarrassing things about him and at times, she threatens to tell the world about them (Show It Up). They are both talented dancers. Their dad, Curtis Blue, hopes that they'll both become doctors, even though Rocky wants to become a dancer and Ty wants to be a rapper. They work together (along with CeCe) to showcase their talent and dedication to their dad by setting up a surprise performance for him in "Doctor It Up", as well as Ty keeping their dad from turning on the television to avoid seeing Rocky on the show. There are instances where Ty looks out for his little sister, such as collecting signatures at school to sponsor her in the dance marathon in, "Give It Up", and supporting her modeling career in "Model It Up". (See: Ry)

Flynn Jones

Flynn is CeCe's little brother and he has known Rocky since she is his older sister's best friend. Therefore, he thinks of her as another older sister. He loves her and missed her almost immediately after she "left" in the limousine to the airport in the episode "Model It Up". It was thanks to her advice that he decided to take off on an adventure, tagging along in his sister's suitcase while they were en route to Alabama then Los Angeles in "Shake It Up, Up & Away". Rocky helps CeCe babysit Flynn in episodes throughout the seasons. Although he can get along with her, he does not sympathize for her when she goes along with CeCe's adventures, as seen in Start It Up and Weird It Up . (See: Flocky)

Deuce Martinez

Deuce is one of Rocky and CeCe's close friends. They are usually seen hanging out at school or at Crusty's. He was the first person to give Rocky and CeCe the flyer containing information on auditions for the dance show, Shake It Up, Chicago. He was upset when Rocky said she was taking the modeling job in "Model It Up", where he revealed that she's the one who maintains his eyebrows. Rocky came to Deuce for help when she needed to find a game for a poor boy during Christmas in "Jingle It Up".(See: Reuce)

Gunther Hessenheffer

Runther Mome34
Rocky is a "frenemy" of Gunther's, fellow Shake It Up, Chicago! dancer, and schoolmate. They don't often get along and like to throw insults at each other, but they can be friendly at times. Rocky agreed for her and CeCe to go to his house for Vatalihootsit Day ("Vatalihootsit It Up"), where he says he thinks she's the smartest girl in their school. In "Show It Up", she ask him and his sister Tinka to join her team to defeat Candy Cho, until he leaves to join Candy's group. In "Break It Up", they are seated together and her cast shows Gunther's signature. He thought she was some sort of "witch" in "Kick It Up". He helps her with her modeling in "Model It Up". In "Split It Up", Rocky is jealous of CeCe and Gunther dancing on Good Morning Chicago and initially accepts to help Tinka get CeCe sick so she can't dance on the show. (See: Runther)

Tinka Hessenheffer


Tinka is Rocky's frenemy and sometimes friend. They don't often get along and Tinka takes every opportunity to insult Rocky, but not as much as CeCe. They were friendly in the episode "Vatalihootsit It Up" when Rocky accepted her invitation to their home. Rocky approaches her and Gunther in "Show It Up" to suggest that they join as one team to beat Candy Cho in the talent show. In "Split It Up", Tinka seeks help from Rocky after the two of them were left out of being featured to dance on Good Morning Chicago. She tries to make her feel jealous about CeCe and Gunther dancing on the morning show together. In "Tunnel It Up" Rocky and Tinka (along with Cece) seem to get along apart from the odd insult. (See: Ronka)


  • Rocky's original name in the pilot episode "Dance, Dance, Chicago" was Mickey.
  • Rocky expects everyone to like her. ("Give It Up")
  • She has a growth spurt which explains why she's very tall.
  • CeCe laughs at Rocky's real name. ("Meatball It Up")
    Rocky (8)
  • Although Rocky is a vegetarian, she ate sushi and a 10-pound meatball ("Meatball It Up", "Party It Up", "Wild It Up"). But she still has animal rights.
  • She has the only perfect attendance record at her school. ("Wild It Up")
  • She hates dirtiness because she does not touch cockroaches from the dumpster and does not use her back for cleaning. ("Meatball It Up", "Hook It Up")
  • She has very large feet and at one point was wearing her older brother's shoes. ("Add It Up")
  • She takes honors classes at school. ("Sweat It Up")
  • One of her sweaters was the same one Harper wore in the Wizards of Waverly Place episode Lucky Charmed.
  • She knows many embarrassing secrets about CeCe.
  • Michelle Obama hugged her on the local news. ("Show It Up")
  • Once she cooked 300 turkeys for Thanksgiving for the needy. ("Show It Up")
  • She also knows embarrassing secrets about Ty. ("Show It Up")
  • Rocky did not know that CeCe had dyslexia. ("Add It Up")
  • She was made fun of as a young girl because of how tall she was.
  • She gets frustrated when near cool guys and girls.
  • Rocky always tries to reach her goal.
  • She does not like it when she is called "too good" or a goody-two shoes
  • She took karate lessons. ("Kick It Up")
  • She hates when somebody insults her relatives.
  • CeCe gave her the nickname "Rocky" although she preferred to be called her real name when she was a little kid. ("Shrink It Up")
  • Rocky is seen to be a vegetarian and an animal lover. ("Meatball It Up")
  • CeCe reveals while praying that Rocky is a believer in God. In CeCe's words, while praying to God, Rocky, quote: "Hangs out with you (God) on Sundays and she reads your (God's) book..." ("Break It Up")
  • Rocky wanted to be on Good morning Chicago to get a spotlight dance with CeCe. ("Split It Up ")
  • Rocky hates that CeCe pushes her around and tells her what to do. ("Shrink It Up")
  • She has a clean permanent record at school. ("Protest It Up")
  • She hates taco's (" Weird It Up")
  • She is the main character of the show alongside CeCe.
  • Her catchphrase is "Hey,Hey,Hey".
  • She changes her catchphrase into "Ho, ho, ho" for Christmas ("Jingle It Up")
  • Her fear of flying is revealed in Made In Japan after Cece made Rocky dance on the wing of the airplane from World War I in Shake It Up, Up & Away.

Memorable Quotes

  • "Hey, hey, hey!"
  • "Oh my Godfather!"
  • "Oh my Gondola!"
  • "Do you know what this means? We just choreographed Lady GaGa."
  • Gunther: "Adorable, no?"
    Rocky: "No, horrifying, yes."
  • "Like you miss having a zit on your rear end."
  • "Tinka, you don't need to make a science project, you are a science project."
  • "Ho, ho, ho!"
  • Rocky1
    "We are very popular at parties. You know I can blow pop out of my nose."
  • "Yeah, that's how it starts, first energy drinks that leads to harder stuff, next thing you know you're thrown off the show, you drop out of school, your mum kicks you out and you're living behind a dumpster and everyone knows that you can't plug your cellphone into a rat's mouth!"
  • "Everybody likes me, I'm adorable!"
  • "Show me a cheek, baby. Show me a cheek."
  • "CeCe made meee!"
  • "I'm telling you now, I'm not wearing yellow at your fantasy wedding."
  • "Oh, we're definitely free tomorrow."
  • "Call me, you know, if I ever get a cellphone!"
  • "Hit me with a raccoon! AAAH!"
  • "I have the Justin Starr doll, I have the Justin Starr bedspread, and if all goes well, I'll have the....JUSTIN STARR!!!!
  • "CANDY.. STINKIN... CHO!!!!!"
  • Cece: "We can be even younger! I'll wear footie pajamas!"
    Rocky: "I'll drink from a bottle!"
  • "She likes me, EVERYBODY LIKES ME!"
  • "Uh oh, I think I'm gonna pukie wukie!"
  • "I think there might be BIG kids there."
  • "It's a stinkin' dime."
  • "Someone stole our dime."
  • "You know breakfeast is the most important meal of the day."
  • "HA! You sold us these watches. Mine has the big hand and hers has the little one."
  • "Those dancers are SICK!"
  • Rocky: "Okay, which one should we wear for our spotlight dance?"
    Cece: "Definitely the blue."
    Rocky: "Okay, now which one should we wear for the spotlight dance?"
  • Cece & Rocky: "We got the spotlight dance, you didn't, you didn't!"
  • Gunther: "I am Gunther!"
    CeCe: "And I am Gunther's girlfriend..."
    Rocky: "And I am loving this!"
  • "You know, when I have a daughter, I'm naming her CeCe!"
  • CeCe: "Bad fall." Rocky: "Ehh, I give it a B minus."
  • "C'mon CeCe! If I fell, wouldn't you be there to pick me back up? Wait... don't answer that. I want to believe the answer is yes."
  • "It should be ME!"
  • "And... run quickly and deny everything!"
  • "You're in my seat, YEAH MOVE IT!"
  • "How cool am I!"
  • "I'm meeting up with the Complication."
  • Cece: "Why can't I be a valemictorium?"
    Rocky: "I think you just answered your own question."
  • "Why don't you be like a tub of egg salad and put a lid on it?"
  • "Your parents! They were getting all PG-13!"
  • "Maybe they just quit or they went to put another shrimp on the BAARRRBBIE!"
  • "Grammy likes me... Mrs. Locassio likes me, EVERYBODY LIKES ME!"
  • "I don't guess, I KNOW!"
  • "I just had my first.. and second kiss!"
  • "He said the best dancers, not the most delusional!"
  • "Looks like these pineapple chunks aren't the only things full of baloney."
  • "Gunther's so cute, Gunther's such a great dancer, oh I wonder what Gunther would look like on a hooooorse!"
  • "No Cece, You need help!"
  • "I know, we can rescue Justin and he can live under bed until we escape to a deserted island where we'll live happily ever after, in my treehouse castle,"
  • "If my mum asks, tell her I'm at the library, or don't, the Rock doesn't care-how cool am I?"
  • "And this has been another episode of Cece goes bonkers, join us next week when she accuses random pedistrians of stealing her look,"
  • " I begged, I cried, I promised to do better in school but we all know that is not possible,"
  • "Wait, if the school doesn't have an Arts programme, students become bored, drop out, crime rates rise jobs dissapear, familys move away and before you know it Pepe is flushed away like it never existed in the first place,"
  • Interviewer:Who's Rocky Blue?

Rocky: "I'm CeCe's best friend...Oh sorry...And Dance partner"

  • Mark Taussig: "Why is dance special to you?" Rocky: "Because dancing is fun, dancing is cool dancing is, you know, great,"
  • "And I have an appointment with reality, bye,"
  • "Yes I totally get it now, you two don't understand a thing about romance,"
  • "Orange is not my colour, I look like a traffic cone,"
  • "Dancing with Justin is the first step to me becoming, Mrs Justin Starr,"
  • "CeCe enough with the reindeer games,"
    126263 9472 ful-1-

    "Mr Darcy this is so sudden but yes, I will marry you,"

  • "Cost me?" Deuce: "Oh hello," Rocky: "You don't have any idea what I've been through to get that toy, not only have I lost the Christmas spirit but I am temporarily banned from the Lakefield Mall, so hand it over or I'm stuffing you into a stocking,"
  • Rocky:"I would be upset but I'm too busy enjoying the fact that..."Together with CeCe:"We got the spotlight dance,you did'nt you did'nt sucker, word"
  • (To J.J Jones) "Go ahead Mr Darcy!....I mean Mr. Jones."
  • "Keep it real Mr Jones,"
  • (To Principal Rabinoff) "Hi buddy, my princi-pal,"
  • "I'm so into this book, Jane Austin's Pride and Prejudice-you have to read it!" Cece: "No thanks, I don't need to read some book to know that prejudice is wrong" Rocky: "It's not about prejudice, it's about romance in the 19th Century, people back then wrote the most poetic love letters to one you're lucky to get a text that says you're hot smiley face,"


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