Zam, you look... Wow.
Logan to Rocky in I Do It Up
Rogan Kisses
Relationship Information
Between: Rocky Blue
Logan Hunter
Status: Close friends
First Interaction: Oh Brother It Up
Background Information
Portrayed By: Zendaya
Leo Howard
Cast Ship: Zeo

Rogan is the romantic/friendship pairing of Rocky Blue and Logan Hunter (R/ocky + L/ogan). Rocky and Logan show a friendly connection when they met in the episode Oh Brother It Up, and Logan seems to prefer Rocky than CeCe, and although Rocky and Logan have had a brief relationship due to Logan not appearing in many episodes, this is one of the most popular and supported pairings on the show.

In Clean It Up and I Do It Up, Rocky and Logan instead show a romantic connection. The love that has been majorly hinted between them shows that it's highly likely that Rocky and Logan hold feelings for each other. Their love is also forbidden, because CeCe and Ty wouldn't approve of this relationship seeing as they seem to both be very protective of Rocky, however, this may change near future.

This pairing has become very popular, and seeing what romance the Shake It Up writers have done for them, they may consider making them date throughout the series. Rogan is supported by most of the GeCe, Tynka and Deucina fans, and multi shipped by Runther fans.

They are portrayed by Zendaya and Leo Howard.

Your mom can't get married 'cause I kissed Logan?


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Pairing Names

  • Rogan (R/ocky + L/ogan) - Official Pairing Name
  • Locky - (Lo/gan + Ro/cky)
  • Rockan - (Rock/y + Log/an)
  • Logy - (Log/an + Rock/y

Rival Pairings


  • They both work at Bob's Kabobs.
  • They both are hard working.
  • They both have a similar shade of brown hair.
  • They both have brown eyes.
  • They both like organization.
  • They both like their job.
  • They both like to be in control of things.
  • They both like to correct CeCe.
  • They both are the same height.
  • They both are smart.
  • They both have catchphrases. 
  • They both have been shown to be stubborn.
  • They both have done the 'call me' signal (also the only characters on the show to do it). 
  • They both have called CeCe 'Red'. (Rocky called her that in Season 1, while Logan gave her the nickname in Season 3.)
  • They both have brown hair.


Season 3

Oh Brother It Up

  • This is the episode where they first meet.
  • Rocky apologized to Logan after CeCe caught his coin.
  • Logan hires Rocky (and CeCe) to work at Bob's Kabob's.
  • When Logan starts to describe the manager (which is himself), Rocky realizes that it's him.
  • Logan awards Rocky with two kebabs for her hat.
  • Logan is impressed by Rocky's enthusiasm.
  • Logan seems to think that Rocky is a good worker.
  • Rocky and Logan do a fistbump. 
  • Logan complains to Rocky about CeCe being late to work.
  • When Rocky tries to get Logan and CeCe to stop arguing, she puts her arm around his (and CeCe's) shoulders.
  • Logan and Rocky sit close at the dinner table.
  • Rocky didn't want to quit her job, probably so she could hang out with Logan more.
  • Rocky seemed excited about Logan and CeCe being step brother and sister, this may be because she knows she could be with Logan more than usual and would have a good excuse for it.
  • In the picture above, Rocky sorta blushes and bites her lips at Logan.

Quit It Up

  • When Logan and Flynn were playing a game of recounting the times CeCe quit something, Rocky guessed what they were doing and joined in.
  • When Rocky came into the Jones' apartment, the first thing she noticed was Logan holding CeCe's roller skates.
  • Rocky smiled at Logan.
  • When Logan says "So what I'm hearing is that CeCe quits everything", Rocky turns to CeCe and gives her a look, showing that she agrees with him.

Clean It Up

  • Rocky feels sorry and apologizes to Logan for CeCe's behavior toward him.
  • Rocky texted Logan, asking him to meet her at Crusty's (secretly).
  • Rocky agrees to help Logan with dancing (for the wedding) if he promises to keep an open mind about CeCe.
  • Rocky is interested when Logan mentions that he has been to Paris.
  • Logan laughs when she says, "Because you need to oui-oui?", after he says "Où est la bibliothèque? J'ai besoin d'utiliser les toilettes." ("Where's the library? I need to use the bathroom.")
  • Rocky seemed impressed that he could speak fluent French.
  • Logan accidentally steps on Rocky's foot a few times during the dance and apologizes for it.
  • During the dance, Rocky tells him to not be afraid to get close, and then she pulls him closer.
  • Rocky kisses Logan while they are dancing, but she claims that it was an accident.
  • After she kisses his cheek, Logan exclaims, "Zam! If I knew dancing was this much fun, I would have started long ago," as if he liked that Rocky kissed him.
  • Rocky tells Logan to pretend that it never happened, to which he replies "Pretend what happened?", and then Rocky kisses him again.
  • They agree they won't do that again, but right after that, Logan kisses her on the cheek.
  • When Ty is dragging Logan out, Logan gives the "call me" sign to Rocky.
  • Ty felt overprotective about Rocky and dragged Logan out of there because he thought something was going on between the two.
  • When Rocky kissed Logan, he had a smile on his face.
  • When Logan knocked on the door, Rocky didn't know it was him knocking and told CeCe to get rid of whoever it was, but when she realized it was Logan, she softened up and let him in.
  • When Rocky said she would have never kissed Logan, he looked hurt that Rocky didn't like him.


I Do It Up

  • Logan had tried to discuss his relationship with Rocky.
  • Rocky and Logan meet up at Crusty's to discuss the kiss.
  • Rocky and Logan sit on the same
    Rogan I Do It Up 002
    side of the table.
  • When Flynn mentions "the kiss" at the wedding, Rocky thinks he's talking about her kissing Logan.
  • Logan smiles at Rocky when she brings up the kiss at the wedding.
  • Logan compliments Rocky, when they are in the church.
    Rogan I Do It Up 001
  • Logan stepped forward as he saw Rocky come through the doors, meaning he probably thought she looked stunning.
  • Logan teased Rocky (in a cute way) about how she gave him a 'puppy' first.
  • Rocky agreed to go to Crusty's to talk to Logan about the kiss.
  • Logan stays pretty close to Rocky when he visited CeCe's house.
  • Logan did the same 'call me' signal to her as he and his father exited the church.
  • When Logan did the same 'call me' signal to her, Rocky smiled at him. 
  • Logan looked upset and jealous when they thought Rocky kissed CeCe's dad.
  • When they are dancing at the wedding, Logan stood behind Rocky.
  • When Jeremy came out Logan was standing beside Rocky.
  • Logan touches Rocky's arm telling her they need to talk.
  • When Logan tells Rocky not to deny that she liked the kiss, she doesn't say anything (meaning that she did).
  • Logan says Rocky looks "Wow."
  • When Rocky walked off after Ty told her to say goodbye, Logan was about to walk in the same direction as Rocky to go see her, until Ty stopped him.
  • When Logan compliments Rocky, she smiles.
  • Logan looked upset when Ty told him to go in the other direction, because he wanted to see Rocky and go off with her.

Love & War It Up

  • Rocky and Logan officially start
    Love & War It Up 01
  • Logan wanted to hang out with Rocky, and pulled her arms closer to him when he did.
  • When Logan pulled Rocky's arms closer to him, he was touching her hands.
  • Rocky and Logan have each other's numbers.
  • Logan gave Rocky flowers and called her beautiful.
  • Logan tells Rocky that he went to the florist right before they were closing to get flowers for her.
  • Logan sounded disappointed when he noticed the four plates that Rocky had put out.
  • Rocky thinks Logan has dreamy eyes.
  • Rocky and Logan were speed texting before they danced on Shake It Up.
  • Rocky defends Logan, saying that he wasn't a villain.
  • Logan got jealous when Rocky was paying more mind to Casper.
  • Rocky went to Logan's badminton match to support him.
  • Logan was really nervous before the game, but Rocky reassures him.
  • Rocky and Logan break up.
  • Logan was upset when he and Rocky broke up.
  • When Logan and Rocky were texting, Rocky was smiling.
  • Rocky stood beside Logan for most of the episode.
  • When Rocky and Logan left the date, their arms were touching.
  • When Rocky and Logan left the date, Rocky went to grab Logan's hand.
  • Rocky and Logan left the date together
  • When CeCe brought in Casper and said he and Rocky knew each other, Logan looked jealous.
  • Rocky, instead of hanging around with her best friend, went off with Logan, and the two probably spent the rest of the evening together to make up for the disastrous double date.


Oh Brother It Up

Logan: Nice job! Someone gets a skewer, zam. Rocky: Hey, I leveled up!

Quit It Up

Logan: (To Rocky) Let me guess, you gave up rollerskating too?
Rocky: Ooh, are we playing what, when and why CeCe quit? I love this game!

Clean It Up

Rocky: No one can know about it, deal?

Logan: Deal. (kisses Rocky on the cheek)

Rocky: Grr, I thought we had a deal!

Logan: We didn't shake on it!

I Do It Up

Logan: So... We gonna talk about the kiss or not?

Rocky: Don't even refer to it as that, CeCe can not find out that it happened. So from now on, don't use the word "kiss", okay, use the word... "puppy."

Logan: Okay, fine, but don't forget you're the one who gave me a puppy first.

Rocky: You gave me a puppy right back!

Logan: Are you gonna deny you liked the puppy?
Logan: Oh, Zam ! You Rocky: Thank you Logan, but I don't really know what to say.

Love & War It Up

Logan: Zam, what's all this?

Rocky: Well, I'm calling it 'Chez Crus-tay's'. I want my first night time date to be something unforgettable.

Logan: Beautiful flowers for the beautiful lady?

Rocky: Wow, it's going to be pretty hard to forget that. Why does it say Mazel Tov?

Logan: Because I went to the store right before closing, and this is all they had left.

Episodes with a Rogan Plot/Subplot

  • Clean It Up - Rocky and Logan dance together, kiss and fall for each other.
  • I Do It Up - Logan tries to discuss his relationship with Rocky.
  • Love & War It Up - Rocky tries to convince CeCe and Logan to get along so she can date Logan.


Rogan -10
  • Rogan Color - Yellow (In Oh Brother It Up, Logan is wearing a yellow shirt and Rocky is wearing a yellow hat.)
  • Rogan Food - Kabobs (They work at Bob's Kabob's, and Logan awards Rocky with kebabs for her hat in Oh Brother It Up after she does a good job.)
  • Rogan Day - March 10 (The day Clean It Up aired, which is the episode when they first kissed.)
  • Rogan Fan's Official Name - RoganFighterZ
  • Rogan Boss - CeCe Jones (If CeCe hadn't wanted a job, Rocky and Logan wouldn't have met. Also, CeCe is Logan's former future stepsister and former employee, and Rocky's best friend.)
  • Rogan Song - Can I Have This Dance? by Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens
  • Rogan Number - 10 (There are ten letters in their first names altogether. Also, the Rogan day is March 10th.)
  • Rogan Animal - Kangaroo (They are known for being fighters, and they are usually golden-brown in color.)

Our RoganFighterZ

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Rogan Songs

  1. Tell Me That You Love Me by Victoria Justice
  2. Everything About You By One Direction
    Rogan songs1
  3. Call Me Maybe By Carly Rae Jepsen
  4. Chasing The Sun By The Wanted
  5. Crazy 4 U By R5
  6. Give Your Heart A Break By Demi Lovato
  7. Me With You By Jennette McCurdy 
  8. Best Friend's Brother By Victoria Justice
  9. Naturally By Selena Gomez
  10. You Belong With Me By Taylor Swift
  11. I Do by Drew Seeley
  12. Begging By Anton Ewald
  13. Cheer Me Up By Victoria Justice
  14. Kissin' U By Miranda Cosgrove
  15. What To Do By Demi Lovato
  16. Perfect Two By Auburn
  17. Last First Kiss By One Direction
  18. Say You're Just A Friend By Austin Mahone
  19. As Long As You Love Me By Justin Bieber
  20. Nobody Compares By One Direction
  21. Beautiful Soul By Jesse McCartney
  22. Mine By Taylor Swift
  23. She's No You By Jesse McCartney
  24. I Love You By Avril Lavigne
  25. Falling For You by Colbie Caillat
  26. Little Things by One Direction
  27. When You Look Me In The Eyes By The Jonas Brothers
  28. Because You Live By Jesse McCartney
  29. Can I Have This Dance? By Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens 
  30. I Just Wanna Be With You by Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens
  31. Thinkin Bout You By Frank Ocean
  32. This Kiss By Carly Rae Jepsen
  33. 365 Days By Leon Thomas III ft. Victoria Justice
  34. Feelings Show By Colbie Calliat
  35. A Thousand Miles By Vanessa Carlton
  36. They Don't Know About Us By One Direction
  37. Love Like This By Amy Pearson
  38. Wait For You By Elliot Yamin
  39. Case Closed By Little Mix
  40. Be Friends by Osme
  41. Summer Love By One Direction
  42. Come and Get it By Selena Gomez
  43. Feel Again By OneRepublic
  44. Magic By One Direction
  45. Love Story By Taylor Swift
  46. The Way By Ariana Grande ft. Mac Miller
  47. Quit It Up 03
    Love me Love me By Big Time Rush
  48. I Think About You By Ross Lynch
  49. I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston (Note: Song for their break-up)
  50. Good Time by Carly Rae Jepsen and OwlCity
  51. Kiss You by One Direction
  52. Baby One More Time by Brittany Spears
  53. Love You Like a Love Song by Selena Gomez
  54. They Don't Know About Us by One Direction
  55. A Year Without Rain by Selena Gomez
  56. Beautiful by Bridgit Medler
  57. Nothing Like Us by Justin Bieber
  58. Steal Your Heart by Ross Lynch
  59. Boyfriend by Justin Bieber
  60. Say you will by Max Schneider
  61. Cover Girl by Big Time Rush
  62. Right There by Ariana Grande ft. Big Sean
  63. Crazy In Love by Beyonce ft Jay-Z
  64. Love Me Harder by Ariana Grande


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