Jingle It Up 46
Relationship Information
Between: Rocky Blue
Flynn Jones
CeCe Jones
Status: Friends
First Interaction: Start It Up
Background Information
Portrayed By: Zendaya
Davis Cleveland
Bella Thorne

RolynCe (Ro/cky, F/lyn/n, and Ce/Ce) is the triple relationship of Rocky, CeCe, and Flynn.


Season 1

Start It Up

  • Rocky and CeCe did Flynn's "1-minute breakfast".

Kick It Up

  • All three signed up for karate.

Heat It Up

  • All three (and Ty) want to go on a tour of America.

Hot Mess It Up

  • Flynn recorded Rocky and CeCe program.

Vatalihootsit It Up

  • Flynn (along with Ty) came after Rocky and CeCe.

Break It Up

  • All three went on vacation.

Season 2

Shake It Up, Up & Away

  • Flynn went into CeCe's suitcase because he wanted to experience the adventure, as Rocky advised him.
  • Flynn, along with Rocky and CeCe was on a plane to LA.
  • Flynn, along with Rocky and CeCe got stuck in Pepe,Texas.
  • Flynn flew the airplane which Rocky and CeCe were dancing on.

Doctor It Up

  • Rocky and CeCe ask for help from The Grand Wazoo (The Grand Wazoo was Flynn in a Great Wazoo coustume).

Double Pegasus It Up

  • At the beginning of the episode,the three of them were in Crusty's.

Camp It Up

  • They all formed a dance camp.
  • Together they were in Crusty's with the dance children from dance camp.

Jingle It Up

  • Together they were at home while Deuce and his carolers came to sing Christmas carols at CeCe's house.

Parent Trap It Up

  • Together they wanted to bring CeCe's and Flynn's dad back with their mum.

Weird It Up

  • Together they took part in the game - Let's Get Weird.

Wrestle It Up

  • They crept onto a movieset together.

Reality Check It Up

  • They were together while watching a reality show - True Teen Life.

Rock and Roll It Up

  • They were together while listening to Gary's grandmother's history.
  • They laughed when Gary's grandma said Tinka and Gunther's past selves were jerks.

Surprise It Up

  • Flynn and Rocky were doing a suprise party for CeCe birthday.

Embarrass It Up

  • Flynn, along with Ty laughed at Rocky and CeCe.

Season 3

Home Alone It Up

  • Rocky and CeCe were looking for Flynn.

Oh Brother It Up

  • They altogether said  "To be absolutely 100% amazingly perfect."


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