Exterior. Main Street 'L' train station.
Rocky:Good morning!
CeCe:Ladies and gentlemen!
Rocky:We are here for your commuting entertainment.
CeCe:If you like us, please give us a dollar. If you don't like us... oh, who am I kidding? You're gonna love us! (Gives hat to bystander) Here you go, pass it on, please. Hit it, Rocky.

♫ Take a little moment to relieve all your tension ♫
♫ Lose yourself to somebody else ♫
♫ Your mind's a creator and your body's the extension ♫
♫ Give me that, I'll give it back ♫
♫ If I scratch your back, you need to scratch mine ♫
♫ You need to get yours, I need to get mine ♫
♫ So scratch (DJ do that, DJ, DJ, DJ) ♫
♫ Scratch (DJ do that, DJ do that, do that) ♫
♫ Scratch (DJ do that, DJ, DJ, DJ) ♫
♫ Scratch (DJ do that, DJ do that, do that) ♫

CeCe:(Crowd cheers) How'd we do, how'd we do?
Rocky:It's a stinkin' dime!
CeCe:Oh, come on, people! Yesterday, there was a guy here with a psychic cat. His name was Mittens, and even I gave him a dollar.

So let's try this again, people. (Gives hat to bystander) I'm Rocky, and right over there is CeCe, and we're the only ones in our class who don't have cell phones.

CeCe:(Desperately) Plus we need operations! (Rocky smacks CeCe's arm) What?! (Rocky takes hat back) How'd we do this time?
Rocky:Someone stole our dime.
Opening sequence. Then: Interior. Jones' apartment.
Gary:(On television) These are the hottest moves you won't see anywhere else, right here on Shake It Up, Chicago! (Crowd cheers and dancers start dancing. CeCe freestyles along through apartment)
 ♫ Turn it up, hear it bumpin', the beat is on fire ♫
♫ Burn it up, it's hot up in this party... ♫
CeCe:(Yelling out of the window) Yo, Rocky! Hustle it up, school starts in twenty!
Georgia:(Cuts the music and yells from the next window) Quit yellin', you're gonna wake the whole neighborhood!
Georgia:Did you shush me? (Closes window)
CeCe:(Inside the apartment) Well, I wouldn't have to yell if only--
Georgia:(Mimicking CeCe) "I had a cell phone!"
CeCe:How'd you know I was gonna say that?
Georgia:Sweetheart, those were your first words. Alright I'm off... (Twirls her handcuffs) to fight crime.
CeCe:You're a cop, not a superhero.
Georgia:A single mom raising two kids on her own is a superhero. The only reason I'm not wearing a cape is because... I'm behind on laundry. (Hugs CeCe) Bye.
Flynn:(Enters) Bye, mom!
Georgia:Oh! Come here. (Hugs Flynn) Bye, Flynn. Don't forget to give your brother breakfast. Hey, (Blows them a kiss) Love you.
CeCe & Flynn:Love you, too!
Flynn:Can I get Toasted Tarts?
CeCe:Flynn, they're 90% sugar.
Flynn:Ooh, do you have anything 100%?!
Rocky:(Climbs in through the window) We've got 5 minutes to get to the train!
CeCe:You live one flight up. How are you always late?
Rocky:Give me a break! That scary one-eyed pigeon was on the fire escape again! Let's go! (Grabs CeCe's arm and pulls her towards the door)
CeCe:(Pulls her back) I can't, I gotta get some food in Flynn.
Rocky:One-minute breakfast? (They both look at Flynn)
Flynn:Oh, no. Not one-minute breakfast! (Runs away)
Rocky & CeCe:Get him! (Grab him and drag him to the table)
CeCe:And in five...
Rocky & CeCe:Breakfast!
CeCe:(Pulls Flynn back onto the chair) No.
Flynn:You hate me, don't you?
CeCe:(Rocky blends cereal and milk into a blender) Can you eat a bowl of cereal in 30 seconds?
Flynn:No, I only like when it gets mushy with milk.
CeCe:Okay, Rocky! Hit it. (Rocky turns on the blender)
Flynn:I want bacon!
CeCe:We don't have any bacon!
Flynn:And why is there no bacon? I bust my butt in the third grade and all I ask for is a lousy strip of bacon! (The girls pour the mix into a sandwich bag) Ew, that's what grandma eats.
Rocky:Here, take it to go. You know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
Flynn:It looks like a big bag of vomit.
CeCe:Yes, but it's the most important bag of vomit of the day!
Interior. John Hughes High School.
Rocky:(Guy walks by) Hottie alert! Hottie alert! Could he be any cuter? (Guy nods and smiles at them) Call me! You know? If I ever get a cell phone!
Deuce:(Enters) Hey CeCe, hey Rocky, what's up?
Rocky:Hey Deuce!
CeCe:Hi Deuce!
Deuce:Check it out, chicas. (Pulls out two tickets) Two tickets for Lady Gaga, fifty bucks, obstructed view.
Rocky:How obstructed?
Deuce:Ladies room, stall three.
CeCe:As tempting as that is, we're saving for cell phones.
Deuce:Are you sure? I'll throw in a complimentary watch. (Pulls sleeve up to reveal four watches)
Rocky:You sold us these watches. Mine has the big hand and hers has the little one.
Deuce:I begged you to buy the warranty! (CeCe and Rocky walk away) Not so fast. I got something that's perfect for you ladies. (Hands CeCe a flyer)
CeCe:(Reading) "Shake It Up, Chicago!, auditions on the 10th, looking for teen background dancers, 13 and up"? (To Deuce) Get outta here! Shake It Up, Chicago!, it's only, like, our favorite teen dance show... (Turns to Rocky) In the world!
Rocky:We watch it every Saturday! Those dancers are sick.
CeCe:Oh, I would so kill you to be on that show!
Rocky:Oh, I would so let you! (Hugs CeCe)
CeCe:Aww, Rocky!
Deuce:(Hits the watches on his wrist) Hey, what time you got?
Deuce:Late for English. (Exits)
Gunther:(Enters with Tinka) Hello peoples, I am Gunther.
Tinka:And I am Tinka.
Gunther:And we are...
Gunther & Tinka:The Hessenheffers!
CeCe:We know who you are. You've been exchange students since the first grade.
Rocky:And when do we get to exchange you back?
Tinka:I see you have a flyer. For the Shake It Up, Chicago! local popular television dance program?
Gunther:We also have a flyer! (Holds it up upside down. Turns it rightside up) Now's your chance to exit from the audition gracefully, hanging your heads like dogs. (With Tinka) Ruff-ruff!
CeCe:Wait a second, Stinka.
Rocky:Oh, that was a good one!
CeCe:Was that not a good one? (Does a handshake with Rocky) That was so good, we're so good. Why wouldn't we audition? We are the best dancers in Chicago.
Gunther:Don't be looney-nutty. You're not even the best dancers in this hallway.
Tinka:(The school bell rings) Is that the bell for class? Or is it your cell phones that don't exist?
Gunther & Tinka:(Pull out their cell phones) Text us! (Exit, laughing)
CeCe:Come on, Rocky! (Exit)
Exterior. Rocky & CeCe's apartment building.
CeCe:Hey, we should practice some moves for the audition.
Rocky:Yeah, about that... I don't think I'm ready for this. Maybe Gunther and Tinka are right.
CeCe:Why would you listen to anything they say? What are you, looney-nutty?
Rocky:Maybe I am, but I'm still not going. It's too scary!
CeCe:Oh, come on Rock, don't do this again.
Rocky:Do what?
CeCe:Be you! Talk yourself out of doing something before it even happens. All our lives, we've dreamed of being professional dancers. Now we can see if we're good enough.
Rocky:I think there's gonna be big kids there!
CeCe:(Ty enters) Ty, could you please talk to your sister? She's too scared to audition for Shake It Up, Chicago!
Ty:Ha! That's 'cause she can't do this. (Does a complicated dance move)
Rocky:(Shakes her head and gets up) I can do that. (Does the same moves) Hey!
Ty:Alright, but you can't do this. (Dances) Hey!
Rocky:Oh yeah? (Dances) In my sleep!
Ty:Good. Do that at the audition tomorrow and you've got nothing to worry about.
CeCe:Ty, you're really good. You should audition with us.
Ty:No thanks, I don't dance for the man. (A girl walks by) But I do dance for the woman! Hey, what's up, baby? (Exits, dancing)
Interior. 'Shake It Up, Chicago!' studio. CeCe and Rocky enter and dancers are warming up and doing group routines.
 ♫ It's your time to shine, roll the dice ♫
♫ Take a chance at life, just roll the dice ♫

♫ This will be your time, so roll the dice ♫
♫ And nothing's gonna stop you now, no, no ♫

Rocky:(Nervously) Big kids... big kids... I told you there was big kids!
CeCe:Look! There's the host of Shake It Up, Chicago!, Gary Wilde! He looks taller on TV.
Rocky:Really? Here's an idea. Let's go home and check. (Turns to leave, but CeCe stops her)
CeCe:No. Rocky! Yes, you're--
Rocky:No! No! No! (Bumps into someone doing a headstand)
CeCe:Sorry, upside down guy, my bad.
Rocky:CeCe, does anyone here dance on their feet?
Gary:Hope you brought your hoodie, 'cause when Gary Wilde hits the floor, it gets a little cooler! (To Rocky and CeCe) Look at this. You two remind me of little tiny fairies that live in the woods.
CeCe:Do you need fairies? 'Cause, uh, we can be fairies.
Gary:You want me to autograph your picture of me?
Rocky:Oh, we don't have a picture of you.
Gary:That's alright, I have some! (Pulls out several headshots of himself and hands them to Rocky) Lucky girls. (Exits)
CeCe:Well. Are you ready to do this?
Rocky:No. Aren't you the least bit nervous?
CeCe:Hm. I don't get nervous. Do you know what I do? I just picture everyone around here naked. (She and Rocky circle the room. Rocky looks horrified)
Rocky:(Points to a dancer) Okay, I'm putting even more clothes on that one.

(Auditions proceed, Rocky, CeCe, Gunther, and Tinka are on stage)

♫ Turn it up, hear it bumpin', that beat is on fire ♫
Burn it up, it's hot up in this party tonight ♫
We so fly, that's why they call us all the way up ♫
Get your hands up, all the way up

Gary:Great job, you're all moving on to the next round. (Rocky and CeCe scream excitedly. Gary points to four other dancers) Except for you, you, you, and you.
Rocky:(Excited screams from her and CeCe) I can't believe we made it this far!
Gunther:Neither can we! (Mocks their screams with Tinka)
Gary:Alright kids! I only got six openings for background dancers, so one last step. It's the Spotlight Dance! (Circling Tinka, Gunther, Rocky, and CeCe) Just you, your moves, and 10,000 kilowatts of hot, white light highlighting your every flaw. And remember... Have fun!

(Spotlight Dances)

♫ Light up the floor, play me one more ♫
♫ Let me hear that, click-clack on the boombox ♫
♫ Make your heart stop, feel the room rock ♫


(Crowd cheers) Alright, you're good! You just don't have the look we're looking for. (Slaps his behind) Next!

Rocky:That guy was great, and they let him go. What chance do we have?
CeCe:A better chance now that he's gone!
Gary:Next up, Rocky Blue!
CeCe:That's you, good luck! (Hugs Rocky. Rocky holds on) Okay. Rocky, let go. R-Rocky let go! Rock-Rocky! Let... go! (Pushes her onto the stage)
Gary:There you are! And may I say, wow! Let's see what you got. Hit it!
 ♫ Watch me do me, me, me, me ♫
♫ Light up the floor, play me one more ♫
♫ Let me hear that, click-clack on the hi-hat ♫

♫ Let the bass vibrate, feel the room rock ♫
♫ Light up the floor, just like before ♫
♫ Let me hear that, bass drop in the boombox ♫
♫ Make your heart stop, feel the room rock ♫

Gary:(Crowd cheers) I'm sorry, but, I'm afraid you're... in!
Rocky:Seriously?! I'm in?! I'm gonna be on the show every week?! (Pause) Thanks, Gar. (Walks towards CeCe) I called him Gar!
Gary:Alright, next dancer, CeCe Jones!
Rocky:Remember, don't get nervous. It's not as scary as it looks.
CeCe:Nervous? I've been waiting for this my whole life. (Walks onto stage)
Gary:Ah, young, funky, great look! You're perfect! Now if you could just dance without falling on your butt, you're in!

(CeCe goes to begin. Freezes up as the spotlight hits her)

♫ I don't need no one to tell me how to feel the beat ♫
♫ And I don't need to one to tell me how to move my feet ♫
♫ Just go and do what you do, 'cause there's nothin' to prove... ♫

Rocky:(Walking on stage) CeCe, you gotta dance!
CeCe:Can't... dance. Might... fall on butt.
Rocky:But Gary said you were perfect.
CeCe:Yeah, no pressure there!
Rocky:Remember, just picture someone naked.
CeCe:I am picturing somebody naked. But it's me!
Gary:Tik-tok! Is she gonna dance or not?

Oh, she's gonna dance.


(Rocky stands behind CeCe and moves her arms for her)

♫ ... Play me one more, let me hear that ♫
♫ Click-clack on the hi-hat, let the bass vibrate ♫
​♫ Feel the room rock, light up the floor, just like before
♫ Let me hear that, bass drop in the boombox, make your heart stop ♫
♫ Feel the room rock, I'm doin' all I wanna do ♫
♫ And I won't stop until I can't move ♫
♫ I'm just bein' me, watch me do me, me, me ♫

Gary:Sorry, kid. (Exits)
Rocky:But-- but, Gary! She's got the look! (CeCe exits, embarrassed) CeCe, wait! (Exits, running after her)
Exterior. Main Street 'L' train station. CeCe is sitting on a park bench, crying.
Rocky:You alright?
CeCe:No, Rocky. I'm not alright. I froze up there. That was the most embarrassing day of my life. I walk around thinking I'm so cool, but in real life... I'm a loser.
Rocky:That's ridiculous. (Sits next to her) I can't remember one time when you ever acted like a loser.
CeCe:Really? Remember when we were at camp and I wanted to race those canoes?
Rocky:They were very unstable.
CeCe:No, I'm very unstable. I tipped over the canoe, cut my lip, then my top came off.
Rocky:CeCe, you were 10. No one even knew you were a girl.
CeCe:I knew!
CeCe:Loser! (Makes an "L" with her hand)
Rocky:Stop it! (Grabs her hand)
CeCe:Ow! Ow! That, that... that hurts.
Rocky:CeCe Jones is not a loser. CeCe Jones is the girl who has the guts to try all these crazy things. And I, as your BFF, get to try them, too.
CeCe:That's true. In many ways... I'm awesome.
Rocky:You are awesome. And, uh, I'm kind of awesome, too.
CeCe:No, no, no. You're awesomer.
Gunther:(Enters with Tinka) Say hello to the newest background dancers of Shake It Up, Chicago!. I am Gunther, and this is... (shines a flashlight on Tinka, who freezes up like CeCe did) Oh no, Tinka has frozen in her spotlight! (They laugh) Tinka!
Tinka:Gunther! (They exit. Rocky comforts CeCe)
Interior. Jones' apartment.
Rocky:(Enters through window) Hey, hey, hey!
CeCe:What-- what are you still doing in your PJ's? I was just about to pick you up and take you to the show.
Rocky:I don't want to be on Shake It Up, Chicago!. I mean, it's going to be no fun without you.
CeCe:Gunther and Tinka will be there!
Rocky:(Bitterly) Now I don't even want to watch the show. (Sits at the table)
CeCe:Rocky. I may not be on Shake It Up, Chicago!, but I'm still going to be there to support you. We're totally in this together.
Rocky:It doesn't matter. It's too late. I was supposed to be there at 9:00. It's 8:30, I look like a zombie, and I haven't even brushed my teeth. (Drinks her cup of milk)
CeCe:We'll make it. Open. (Brushes her teeth for her) We'll run up to your place and grab some clothes, that sound good? Spit. (Rocky spits into the cup. CeCe is dragging her to the window) Come on. Come on. Come on. Come on, come on, come on. (Yells) Later, mom!
Flynn:(Enters and looks around. Spots Rocky's cup of milk and drinks it) Mmm, minty!
Interior. Shake It Up, Chicago! studio. Rocky and CeCe run in and the show is starting.
Announcer:(Over speakers) Here's your host, Gary Wilde!
Gary:(Enters) Hello, Chicago! You're watching the show that has it all. New music, new videos and the dance moves you'll be doing at home tomorrow. This (Pause) Shake It Up, Chicago! I'm your host Gary Wilde, and I am this tall in real life.
 ♫ Rock rock it, we rock ro-rock rock it ♫
♫ Rock rock it, we rock ro-rock rock it... ♫
Rocky:Come with me!
CeCe:I can't! I'm not on the show.
Rocky:Yeah, well I am. And like you said, we're in this together. (Handcuffs their wrists together)
CeCe:What-- what are you doing?
Rocky:Not letting you miss the dream. Come on.
CeCe:What? No, I can't! No!
Rocky:Come on, get over here! (Pulls her on stage)
CeCe:(Bumps into someone) Sorry! Where'd you get the handcuffs?
Rocky:They're your mom's. I'm sure she won't miss 'em for a day.
Exterior. Main Street 'L' train station. Georgia has a criminal pinned.
Georgia:Alright, dirtbag. Hands behind your back. (Goes to grab her handcuffs; they're gone) And keep 'em behind your back! ...Unless you want me to put these handcuffs on you! They're really super pinchy.
Interior. Back to Shake It Up, Chicago! stage. Rocky and CeCe are on stage dancing.

(Gary, A.D., Gunther, and Tinka watch Rocky and CeCe, confused. Gary grabs A.D.'s headset and talks to someone)

♫ Yeah, we can make a change ♫
♫ It's our generation ♫
♫ Nothing's in our way ♫
♫ It's our generation (we rock rock it, rock we rock rock it) ♫
♫ You gotta start with you, nobody else ♫
♫ You gotta raise your voice, say what you feel ♫
♫ The time is in our hands, it's our generation ♫

Interior. Jones' apartment. Ty, Deuce, and Flynn are watching television. Shake It Up, Chicago! is on.
Deuce:Woah! What's CeCe doing on TV?
Ty:I don't know. For a girl who isn't on the show, she's on the show a lot.
Flynn:Sure, she has time to dance on TV, but she can't pick up a lousy pack of bacon?
Interior. Shake It Up, Chicago! studio. Song and dance finishes. Rocky and CeCe are front and center.
Gary:That's right. People are dancing so good, it should be illegal! We'll be right back with more music, more dancing and the premiere of Usher's newest video right here on Shake It Up, Chicago!
A.D.And we're out! 2 minutes, people!
CeCe:We totally just danced on TV.
Rocky:And we totally rocked it!
CeCe:And we're totally getting thrown out of here!
Gary:(Walks over to them) Well, well, well. That was quite a little show you ladies put on out there.
CeCe:Look, I'm sorry, but please don't fire Rocky. It's my fault.
Rocky:She's wrong. I'm the one who chained us together, because she belongs here. She's an awesome dancer.
Gary:Wrong. You're both awesome dancers. You got the skills, you got the look, but what you pulled out there was just weird and unexpected. And I liked it. But you pull something like that again, and you are off the show. (Walks away)
CeCe:(Pulls Rocky) Oh, we get-- come on! Wait a second, Gary. To be off the show must mean I'm... on the show?
Gary:Yeah. You two got that whole "it" factor. I think our audience is gonna eat you up! (Turns around)
Gunther:(In Gary's face) We would like to be eaten!
Gary:Who are you?
Gunther:I am Gunther.
Tinka:And I am Tinka.
Gary:And I don't care! (They exit)
Rocky & CeCe:Thank you, Gary, we won't let you down!
A.D.And in five, four, three...
CeCe:Let's do this thing. (They run on-stage with the other dancers) Oh, uh, Rocky, you can let us loose now.
Rocky:Alright, where's the secret button?
CeCe:What secret button?
Rocky:You know, the secret button that opens the handcuffs.
CeCe:It's called a key! Where's the key?!
Interior. Jones' apartment.
Flynn:Breakfast is not a bag of vomit. (Pulls out the key and waves it in the air)
Interior. Shake It Up, Chicago! studio. Rocky and CeCe are dancing with the other dancers. Cut to credits.
Interior. Jones' apartment.
Rocky:(Climbs through the window) We got mail from Shake It Up, Chicago!
CeCe:(Screams and shoves her books off the table) Open the mail, open the mail, open the mail! (They open the envelopes)
Rocky & CeCe:Woah... $40 each!
Rocky:That's every week! Okay. We've got to take $50 dollars and buy your mom new handcuffs, $20 for thrift store dance clothes, and $8 for transportation. That leaves us with... two bucks.
Rocky & CeCe:(Disappointed) Woah.
Rocky:But! Next week, we get to keep the whole eighty!
Rocky & CeCe:Woah! Cell phones! (They do a handshake)
Flynn:(Enters with a shopping bag. Pours the contents on the kitchen table and tosses the bag) Bacon! Cook it! (Rocky and CeCe pause. Flynn exits)
Transcribed by Mixitup21

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