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Theodore Van Glorius was once a famous dancer and choreographer who appeared in "Double Pegasus It Up". He is portrayed by Leslie Jordan.


Theodore came up with an amazing dance move in the 90's called the "Double Pegasus." CeCe finds out that Deuce delivers pizza to his apartment and insists that she go see him. It turns out that he isn't successful anymore and has been out of work for a long time. He is asked to help CeCe and Rocky choreograph a dance at Shake It Up, Chicago!. It's been a while since he has choreographed a dance, so he couldn't think of one, so Rocky and CeCe choreographed a dance on their own and gave him the credit on the show. After that, he became famous again after giving the dance to Lady Gaga and not acknowledging CeCe and Rocky on television for helping him.


  • He invented the double Pegasus.

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