Slumber It Up 058
Relationship Information
Between: Dina Garcia
& Tinka Hessenheffer
Status: Friends
First Interaction: Tunnel It Up
Background Information
Portrayed By: Ainsley Bailey
& Caroline Sunshine

Tinna is the romantic pairing of Dina Garcia and Tinka Hessenheffer (Tin/ka and Di/na).

Other Names

  • Dintin (Din/a + Tin/ka)
  • Tina (D/ina + T/inka)


  • They both have accents.
  • They can both be pushy or rude at times.


Season Two

Tunnel It Up

  • Dina gave her (and CeCe) School prom tickets.

Slumber It Up

  • Tinka and Dina were both invited to CeCe's slumber party.
  • Dina and Tinka (and CeCe) spoke at the same time.

Season Three

Spirit It Up

  • Tinka and Dina become friends.
  • Dina eventually lets Tinka sit at the table with her and Deuce.
  • They look at a fashion magazine together.
  • Dina chooses Tinka over Deuce.
  • They say they are "Sisters from different misters."