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A little more bro, and a little less mance!
— Ty to Deuce in Reunion It Up
Slumber It Up 14
Relationship Information
Between: Ty Blue
Deuce Martinez
Status: Best friends
First Interaction: Start It Up
Background Information
Portrayed By: Roshon Fegan
Adam Irigoyen

Tyece is the friendship pairing of Deuce Martinez and Ty Blue. Deuce and Ty are best friends. There have been several hints of an unofficial, close but non-sexual relationship developing between the two. This relationship is unlikely to happen because Shake It Up is broadcast on Disney Channel, a children/teen television network.

Possible Names for the Pairing

  • Bella-thorne-shake-up-promos-04
    Dy -
    (D/euce + T/y)
  • Teuce - (T/y + D/euce)
  • Tyeuce - (Ty + D/euce)
  • Tyce - (Ty + Deu/ce)

Occurences of Tyece

  • Ty and Deuce playfully tease each other.
  • Ty and Deuce walk and sit together very closely.
  • Ty and Deuce often babysit Flynn together.
  • In episodes before Deuce began his relationship with Dina, they both had plots to get girlfriends.
  • Also in episodes before Deuce began his relationship with Dina, their relationships with other girls only lasted for one episode.
  • Ty and Deuce show similar expressions or reactions in several situations on the show.

Tyece Moments


Season One

Start It Up

  • Ty and Deuce watch Shake It Up Together.
  • They both baby-sit Flynn.

Meatball It Up

  • Ty and Deuce are hanging out when CeCe and Rocky come back from the thrift store.
  • Ty and Deuce guilt CeCe and Rocky into inviting them out to lunch.

Give It Up

  • Deuce calls Ty 'cheap' for not making a sponsorship donation.
  • Deuce gives Ty a challenge shout-out on the Shake It Up, Chicago Dance Marathon.
  • Ty beats Deuce's donation challenge and dedicates it 'In Memory of his friend, Deuce, who is now dead to him."

Add It Up

  • Ty and Deuce are playing cards when Gunther comes over.

Party It Up

  • Deuce and Ty are driving around in Deuce's 'new ride'.
  • Deuce and Ty watch a scary movie with Flynn.
  • Deuce and Ty hide from Flynn's mother when she comes home from work early.

Reunion It Up

  • Deuce hugs Ty and claims that he feels safe around him after Ty kills the spider Deuce was afraid of.

Twist It Up

  • Ty and Deuce dance together.
  • Ty teaches Deuce the tango, the tango is very romantic.

Season Two

Review It Up

  • The two rehearse the part when Deuce hands over his ring to Dina, with Ty portraying Dina.
  • Deuce jokes that if Ty is playing Dina, than he's "breaking up with him", to which Ty replies that he'd be lucky to have someone like him.
  • Deuce gives an emotional speech to Ty (as Dina) as he hands over the ring to him and Ty starts to cry.

Auction It Up

  • Deuce bangs Tys cell phone on a table
  • Deuce feels bad about braking Ty's phone so they enter a competition to win a new yophone.
  • When deuce tells Ty he needs pee incredibly bad. Ty tortured him briefly by talking about water just for fun
  • Ty scratches Deuce's back

Weird It Up

  • Deuce lies to Ty so he doesnt get his feelings hurt.
  • When Ty says he wants Deuce to go on the date with him (As the translator), Deuce misunderstood it and said it's "very flattering" but Dina would have a problem with it.
  • When Ty's date flirts with Deuce, he scoots really close to Ty.

Whodunit Up

  • Deuce helps Ty to reveal his secret admirer.
  • Deuce is surprised when they find out that Ty's secret admirer is Tinka.

Made in Japan

  • Ty feels bad for Deuce not coming to Japan with him, so they decide to talk over Ty's iPad.

Season Three

Fire It Up

Funk It Up

  • Deuce draws a moustache on Ty's face, while he fell asleep in class.
  • Deuce tries to help Ty get the moustache away from his face.

Lock It Up

  • Ty helps Deuce to get his locker for himself, because Dina always want to put some of her things in Deuce's locker.

Merry Merry It Up

  • Ty offers Deuce a place to saty at his house when he misses his family trip.
  • Ty and Deuce are in the hot tub together. (with Flynn)

My Fair Librarian It Up

  • Ty and Deuce meet Logan for the first time.
  • Ty and Deuce (along with Logan) help Flynn build a soapbox car for the derby.
  • Ty was mad at Deuce because he thought Logan was cool.
  • Ty and Deuce (along with Logan) both told CeCe and Rocky they were going to the library to follow Miss Burke.


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