Merry It Up Tyecynn
Relationship Information
Between: Ty Blue
Deuce Martinez
Flynn Jones
Status: Friends
First Interaction: Start It Up
Background Information
Portrayed By: Roshon Fegan
Adam Irigoyen
Davis Cleveland

Tyecynn (Ty + De/uce + Fl/ynn) is the tri-friendship pairing of Ty Blue, Deuce Martinez and Flynn Jones. They are often together, when Ty and Deuce are babysitting Flynn, and they are always in sync.

The tri-pairing is made up of the pairings Tyece, Tynn and Deucynn.


Season 1

Start It Up

  • They watch Shake It Up Chicago together.
  • Ty and Deuce are babysitting Flynn

Party It Up

  • All the three of them promise that they wont tell Ceces mom about the party Rocky and Cece sneaked out to
  • They watch a scary movie together

Show It Up

  • Deuce is leading a contest, where Ty is in, and Flynn is Deuce's second head.

Hot Mess It Up

  • Deuce Ty and Flynn create a program called "Zombie Idol" together.

Reunion It Up

  • Ty and Deuce held a funeral for Flynns goldfish Mr.Goldberg

Sweat It Up

  • Ty Deuce and Flynn are dog-sitting

Model It Up

  • Ty, Deuce and Flynn want to raise money to buy a new console
  • Ty, Deuce and Flynn works for Mrs. Locassio, to get the money

Break It Up

  • Deuce, Ty and Flynn (along with Cece and Rocky) are going on a vacation together.

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