We all know that whats it called Disney Young kid program, its moving, so does this mean Disney Channel is not Disney at all? Does Mickey Mouse leave for good? Anyways Since Disney Channel and Disney Junior are basically the same, got some info from Wikipedia and... the result...

On February 14, 2011, Disney Junior launched, in preparation to launch a 24/7 network for it on March 23, 2012.[1] It will replace Disney's SOAPnet channel, which has a subscriber (viewers) base of 7'5 million viewers'.[2][3]

Oh, 75 MILLION? That is basically more than their original movies for petes sake, sorry for this blog being Random, but, thought you all should know this. Disney Channel, or Disney could agree with this?

Teh Chartboard

Lets just say this, 50% of the people watch the Young Disney Programs while 50% watch the Teen Sitcoms, while more (ALOT) watch the Teen Sitcoms over that.

thats all, w

Aeon2 03:29, February 28, 2012 (UTC)

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