At Shake it up Chicago

Cece: hey tinka me and rocky invited you to a sleepover at rocky's place

Rocky: Only in my room and the kitchen OK we have rules

Tinka: Oh fine but can we video chat gunter before we do truth or dare

Cece: we never told you about truth or dare

Tinka: I'm just very excited

At Sleepover

Tinka: So cece truth or dare

Cece: truth

Tinka: who do you think is a better host gary or ty

Cece: I can't believe this but i choose Gary

Ty: HEY I HEARD THAT *from another room*

Cece: Now tinka truth or dare

tinka: truth or dare hmmmm truth

Cece: who do you like


Tinka: *Whispers* tttyyy

Ty: hears *screams in his head yes*

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