Here is a list of fan-made Season 4 episodes

Season Overview

Season 4: 33 episodes (November 22, 2013-June, 2014)

list of Fan-made episodes

Adam Irigoyen and Davis Celevland was absent one episode

Kenton Duty has return to main cast in this season

1. Break Up On Christmas It Up (November 22, 2013):


Logan asks Cece out so they went out but shockingly Rocky sees them on a date so they started arguing, meanwhile Ty asks Tinka to be his girlfriend then they started going out but Ty break up with Tinka because Ty was embarrassed by people laughing at Ty for going out with Tinka and Tinka went home crying so Gunther decided to come back to Chicago and cheer Tinka up also because Cece dates Logan, Rocky and Cece both agreed to fall out and never talking to each other again so Logan decided to break up with Cece so Cece also started crying then Tinka and Cece meets in the street so they tell each other what happen then they cried so they both sneak out of the City and then both going to New York to start a new life.......

Note - Adam Irigoyen and Davis Celevand is absent on this episode, Kenton Duty is back to main cast and this is a two part special


Moving On by Caroline Sunshine and Bella Thorne

2. Return and Reunion It Up (November 29, 2013):


After Cece and Tinka arrived at New York, Cece founds an audition slip for Shake It Up, New York! So Cece told Tinka and they auditioned meanwhile in Chicago, Rocky, Gunther, Logan, Ty, Flynn, Dina and Deuce was trying to figure out where is Cece and Tinka, but when they found out they are at New York, all of them fly over and Rocky and Ty begged Cece and Tinka to come back to Chicago but they didn't agreed. At the end, when Rocky and the gang leaves Cece and Tinka both agreed to come back and Rocky and Cece made up and Ty got back together with Tinka also Cece and Logan got back together as well and they all leave in a happy mood

Note - this is the second part of Break Up On Christmas It Up


A New Life by Caroline Sunshine

3. Shopping It Up (December 6, 2013):


It's Boxing Day and Cece , Rocky and Tinka decided to go and shop but it all got ruin when Cece got lost and Rocky and Tinka was trying to find her meanwhile Deuce, Flynn and Ty all hang out at a new restaurant called Snowflakes Pizza

Absent: Kenton Duty as Gunther Hensheffer


1. Christmas Wrapping by Bella Thorne

2. Last Christmas by Zendaya

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