Austin and Ally It Up with Good Luck Jessie: The Christmas Movie (December 27, 2013):

Note - this is a one-hour and 30 minutes special movie event


Jessie gets an invite to Shake It Up, so her and the Rosses go with her meanwhile Teddy and her family spends a vacation in Miami and meets Austin, Ally, Trish and Dez at sonic boom also Mr. Gold asks if Rocky could preform a Christmas song for the kids, meanwhile Cece, Tinka helped decorating Christmas stuff on Shake It Up Chicago, Deuce, Ty, Gunther and Flynn was doing secret Santa for Christmas meanwhile Austin performs a song for the kids and then he kissed Teddy on backstage but Ally caught they were kissing so she broke up with Austin also jessie and the Rosses were stuck at the Airport due to flight cancellation but Austin and the gang also Teddy and her family also gets an invite to Shake It Up so they fly over and meet Jessie and The Rosses at the Airport meanwhile Rocky preform a Christmas song. At the end, they all got together and perform a ONE BIG SONG and they open each other presents and also Austin sing a love song to Ally so they got back together and all of them went through a pretty great Christmas together :) #HAPPY!


1. Silent Night by Zendaya

2. Somewhere Only We Know by Laura Marano

3. Away In The Manger by Bridgit Mendler

4. It's Christmas! By Debby Ryan

5. Don't Leave Me by Ross Lynch

6. #Christmas by Bella Thorne

7. Fallen Tree by Caroline Sunshine

8. Hello! Christmas by Roshon Fegan

9. All I Want For Christmas Is You by Raini Rrodguiez

10. Somewhere Only We Know (respire 2) by Peyton List

11. Carol Time by Cameron Boyce

12. Wrapping presents by Calum Worthy

13. Jingle Bells by Kenton Duty

14. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town by Adam Irigoyen


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