Mark It Up is the 9th episode of Shake It Up, Season 4. It premiered on January 17, 2014 (Fan-made)

Premiere date

January 17, 2014


Mark came into the school as a new student when Rocky sees him she started to have feelings for him, meanwhile Cece and Tinka was getting tickets to see One Direction but Cece forgot their tickets also Dina and Deuce was planning their future.


  • Bella Thorne as Cece Jones
  • Zendaya as Rocky Blue
  • Adam Irigoyen as Deuce Martinez
  • Caroline Sunshine as Tinka Hensennffer
  • Ainsley Bailey as Dina Gracia
  • David Henrie as Mark


  • Davis Celevland as Flynn Jones
  • Roshon Fegan as Ty Blue
  • Kenton Duty as Gunther Hensennffer

Special Guest Appearance

  • One Direction as themselves


  • Best Song Ever by One Direction
  • Hit The Floor by Olly Murs
  • I Love You by Zendaya


  • From this episode David Henrie who play Mark in the episode will join the main cast
  • One Direction will be on this episode


Rocky and Cece walk up to their locker and Rocky says "So, are u ready for the English test?" And then Cece replied "Yeah, I have been revising". Then a random guy walked up to Rocky and said "Hey! I'm new here what's your name?!" Then Rocky replied "your hot! I mean welcome to the school" then Mark was chuckled and said "what's your name?" Then Rocky replied very shy "em em em em em Rocky!" Then Mark replied "Cool name! Well see you around Rocky" Cece laughed and said "Ooooo, la, la. I think I smell romance!" Then Rocky replied awkwardly "Whaaaaaattttt? No I don't fancy him. That guy is so hot. I wanna date him" Cece replied "Aha so you do fancy him" Rocky also replied "fine! Yes I fancy him can we go home now?" Cece replied "sure".

-Shake It Up theme song-

-At the Shake It Up Studio-

Cece was doing make up and suddenly she got a text and said "OMG, One Direction is performing a show in Chicago tonight!" then Rocky replied "Cece that's amazing! I don't really care, I need to study for my finals" then Cece replied "Seriously Rocky, you really need to learn how to lie, I know u wanted to ask Mark out". Rocky replied "Pftt!", Cece said "Whatever, I'm getting the tickets" then Tinka suddenly pops out and scared Rocky and Cece "Soooo, i hear you going to the One Direction concert, u know I LOVE One Direction they are really talented, u know I think....." then Cece stopped the conversation and said "Fine you can come" then Tinka replied "YAS" then the buzzer was on and Shake it Up Chicago dancers has to dance but a Cece just stayed at the side and watch

-in a meanwhile at Crusty's-

Dina walked up to Deuce and said "Deucey what's the big emergency?" then Deuce replied "oh, it is not really THAT big emergency" then Dina replied angrily "REALLY, YOU MAKE ME WALKED ALL THE WAY TO HERE JUST TO SAY NOT A BIG EMERGENCY!!" then Decue replied "you live across the street" Dina said "Whatever! So what's the news?" Deuce replied "ok, we need to plan our future" then Dina replied "Deuce we are only 15, we are not 20" then Deuce replied "Whatever. Ok let's get planning"

-At Cece's apartment-

Cece was booking tickets to see One Direction in the computer then Tinka said "hurry up we don't have all day!" Cece replied "I got it, I got it, click there done". Then Tinka said "well that was long time" then Cece replied "hey! At least we got the tickets" Tinka replied "yeah! Let's go shopping!" -then they went out-

-At a club-

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