Shake It Up: Dance4ever is a fan-made soundtrack. The single will be Same Heart/Contagious Love mashup, it is released January 3, 2014. The full soundtrack will released at January 19, 2014. It consisted of 60 songs, some songs are from season 1, 2 or 3 also some is from the season/series finale of season 4 as well. The single will costs $3.99 (£5.99). On December 30, 2013, it annouced a second single titled 'Lie' it will perfrom by Caroline Sunshine and release sometime at Summer 2014

(The full song list was reveled on December 25, 2013)

Normal Edition

1. I love Dancing by Caroline Sunshine and Adam Irigoyen

2. I love you by Zendaya

3. Exceptional It Up by China Anne McClain and Selena Gomez

4. Moving On by Bella Thorne and Caroline Sunshine

5. Same Heart/Contagious Love mash up by Bella Thorne and Zendaya (upcoming single)

6. Exclusive by Bella Thorne

7. I Feel Like Dancing by Coco Jones

8. Broken Heart by Zendaya

9. Ocean by Bridgit Mendler

10. Shake Your Booty by Olivia Holt

11. Shake It Up Theme Song (The Tech-no Remix) by Selena Gomez

12. A New Life by Caroline Sunshine

13. SHAKE IT by Drew Seeley and Drew Ryan Scott

Deluxe Edition

14. Remember Me by Zendaya

15. Ring Ring by Bella Thorne

16. Contagious Love by Mrainda R Johnson

17. Scratch by Dove Cameron (cover)

18. The Sience Rap by Bella Thorne and Zendaya

19. The Night is Young by Ross Lynch and Laura Marano (cover)

Walmart exclusive bonus tracks

20. Let's Get Tricky by Bella Thorne and Roshon Fegan

21. Christmas Wrapping by Bella Thorne

22. Last Christmas by Zendaya

23. Yo! Swag by Roshon Fegan

24. Rockin Around The Christmas Tree by Bella Thorne

25. Shake Santa Shake by Zendaya

Target exclusive bonus tracks

(all of these songs will appear in the season finale of season 4 and the series finale of Shake It Up)

26. The Next Chapter Of Our Lives by Shane Harper

27. The End by Zendaya

28. Goodbye, We'll Miss You by Bella Thorne

29. I'll Always Remember You by Zendaya (cover)

30. Wherever I Go by Bella Thorne (cover)

31. Love That Let's Go by Roshon Fegan and Caroline Sunshine (cover)

iTunes bonus tracks

32. Hey, Girls! by Zendaya and Caroline Sunshine

33. I Hate You by Bella Thorne and Kenton Duty

34. You Build Me Up by Zendaya, Caroline Sunshine and Bella Thorne

35. Can't Do It Without A Exceptional Stereo It Up by Ross Lynch, Dove Cameron, China Anne McClain and Selena Gomez

36. Finale by Caroline Sunshine

Gold Edition

37. Replay (Acoustic) by Zendaya

38. Swag It Out by Zendaya

39. Silent Night by Zendaya

40. The Rythum Of Love by Bella Thorne and Zendaya

41. Rapper Time by Roshon Fegan

42. Break It Down by Kenton Duty

43. Goodbye by Caroline Sunshine and Keton Duty

44. Dream by Raini Rrodugriez

45. We'll Remember Each Other by Bella Thorne, Zendaya, Roshon Fegan, Adam Irigoyen, Kenton Duty and Caroline Sunshine

Platinum edition

46. Sunshine by Debby Ryan

47. Heart Of Gold by Rihanna

48. Let Me Go by Taylor Swift

49. Party Time by Jennifer Lopez

50. Hit The Floor by Olly Murs

51. I'm in love by Adam Irigoyen

52. Please Don't Go by Taylor Swift

53. Forget You by Sabrina Carptener

54. Gone by Carly Rae Jepsen

55. I Should Have Known by Bella Thorne

56. Radio by Becky G

57. I Care About You by Rihanna

58. Heart by R5

59. Dance4Ever (Remix) by Bella Thorne, Zendaya and the cast of Shake It Up

60. Lie by Caroline Sunshine (2nd single)

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