Break Up On Christmas It Up (November 22, 2013):


Rocky - I know so what ya gonna get me?

Cece - ROCKY!!!!!

Rocky - sorry anyway I brought something for you

Cece - em what is this

Rocky - is a math boom to help you study

Cece - you do know I don't read brainy stuff right?

Rocky - mmmmm, sure yeah -then Rocky chucks the book out the window-

Cece - nice try though

Rocky - I just wanna to make you study

-then Logan walks in-

Rocky - what are you doing here?

Logan - I need to talk to Cece right now

Cece - ok then see ya around Rocky

Rocky - ok then

-then Cece and Logan walks in to Crusty's-

Logan - will you go out with me?

Cece - ewwwwww what???

Logan - I really like you

Cece - ewwww that is disgusting

Logan - please!!!!!

Cece - FINE!!!

-then Rocky overheard their conversations-

Rocky - hey Cece!

Cece - hi emmmm Rocky!

Rocky - what ya doing?

Cece - em nothing

Rocky - really? I see you with Logan and it looks like you two were holding hands

Cece - what I didn't hold his hand???

Rocky - well ok then

-Ty was sitting at a table, then Tinka walks in-



Ty - sorry can I ask you a question?

Tinka - well I am not busy so yeah

Ty - will you go out with me


Ty - excuse me?

Tinka - why should I go out with you

Ty - well I am good looking

Tinka - oh please even a dog will be more handsome then you

Ty - I have a sense of humor

Tinka - well I don't so BYE-BYE

Ty - please

Tinka - ok fine! I have a crush on you too actually!

Ty - so will you be my girlfriend?

Tinka - yes!

Tinka - bye! My little Ty

-then Rocky and Cece come to Ty-

Rocky - woooooo, you totally fancy her

Cece - Ty has a crush on Tinka, Ty has a crush on Tinka


Rocky - well you sure are a lucky ducky, have fun with Tinka or should I say TINKA-BABY!

-then Rocky and Cece laugh and then leaves the room-


-Ty walks to his locker-

People 1: hahahahaha you go out with Tinka

People 2: What a loser!!!


-then Tinka walks in-

Ty - we need to talk

Tinka - ok sure

Ty - I think we should break up

Tinka - why?

Ty - ever since you went out with me, I have been laughed at

Tinka - we just started yesterday!

Ty - I know I am sorry

Tinka - *crying* never talk to me again

-then Tinka sobs and run-

-then Rocky and Cece walk in-

Rocky - really, you are embarrassed?

Cece - that is so mean Ty!

Ty - I know, I just don't want to ruin my popularity

Rocky - I can't believe you rather have popularity then Tinka, I am so disappointed in you Ty

Cece - me too!

-then Rocky and Cece leaves-

-then Tinka ran home and saw Gunther sitting at the couch-

Gunther - hey what happen?

Tinka - Ty broke up with me

-then Tinka runs into her room with sobs and Gunther comes in-

Gunther - hey there will be a million guys in the planet who are right for you

Tinka - I really like Ty

Gunther - is ok, you will find a right guy some day!

Tinka - thanks Gunther

-then Tinka and Gunther hug-

-Cece's apartment-

Cece - Logan wanna kiss?

Logan - well I am not ready but ok!

-then they kisses but also that is the time when Rocky comes in-


Cece and Logan - WHAT??? NO???

Rocky - yes you so did

Cece - We didn't

Rocky - I can't believe this , I thought you were my BFF and now you hitting on my Ex-Boyfriend?!!!

Cece - I am so sorry

Rocky - well if you are sorry then break up with him

Cece - No! You can't tell me what to do

Rocky - excuse me?!

Logan - uh oh

Rocky - I can so tell you what to do

Cece - No you can't

Rocky - yes I can

Logan - can I just say....

Rocky and Cece - NOT NOW LOGAN!!!!

Rocky - well who are you gonna choose me or Logan

Cece - I choose LOGAN!

Rocky - fine we are fall out

Cece - I don't care

-then Rocky leaves-

Logan - listen I gotta talk to you, I don't want to ruin your friendship with Rocky just because of me so I am gonna break up with you

Cece - what, you-you are breaking up with me?

Logan - yes sorry

-then Logan leaves-

-Cece started to cry-

-then at a street, Tinka and Cece are both walking, then they saw each other-

Tinka - what happen Cece?

Cece - well Logan broke up with me then Rocky fall out with me

Tinka - Ty broke up with me

-then they both started to cry-

Tinka - I guess we have to move on

Cece - yep, let's leave this City and never come back

Tinka - yeah, good choice

Cece - come on let's go to New York and start our new lives BFF!

Tinka - ok BFF

-then they leaves and a song was playing (Moving On by Caroline Sunshine and Bella Thorne-


Gunther - oh no!

Rocky and Ty - what happen

Gunther - Tinka and Cece left this City!

Rocky and Ty - what!!!!!!

To be continued.......

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