Character pages are meant to be general glimpses of a character, so that new viewers can get to know them quickly, without giving away every plot. There are many sections to the character pages, please read the rules of the wiki and/or this blog before editing those pages. I'm going to be putting bits & pieces from various profiles as an example here.

The first section is the introduction to the character. This should contain the most summarized and general information about the character. As you can see in the example below, there is a short description, containing all the essentials, nothing more. Someone can quickly see the character, a quote of theirs, and a short paragraph of necessary information.


Moving on to the infobox. These really should be as condensced as possible too. They need to only have very basic, not defined information in them. They are for new wiki users who want an overview of a character at a glance. Make it general, no details. The below example is still a little bit more detailed than it needs to be, but can be used as a good example of what should be in there. Love interests do not need the story of their relationship in the infobox and neither do friendships. Those can go in the relationships section. Simply put who is a friend, not what kind of friend, and who they've been in a relationship with and the amount of episodes it was featured, not the whole story. If the character is currently dating someone, that person can be marked with a (Girlfriend) or (Boyfriend).


The next section is personality, broken into two groups. General personality and personality over the seasons. The first section is an overview of the character's personality and the second area can be more specific. The below example shows the completed personality section with all three seasons and the general area.


The next section is only found on the characters associated with Shake It Up, Chicago!. It includes information on their position on the show, how they got on the show, and big events for their character while on the show. Since this is the main storyline of the show, feel free to make this section as detailed as possible.


The next section is the relationships section. The top section should list a person's name and current relationship status. The status should be updated if the relationship changes and should be kept current. The paragraph below describing the relationship may contain the full canon history of the relationship, no fanon or supposed content. It should explain how the characters interact with each other and important events that have gotten them to their current status. Future events should not be included in these as they do not affect the current status of the relationship. There is a link at the bottom of each paragraph that will take the reader to the relationship's own page which will contain all of the fanon elements as well as the complete details and interactions of the relationship. As you can see from the example below, the paragraphs are short and the relationship status to the point and current.


The last sections of the page are pretty self explanatory.

There is an Appearances section, where each episode that the character has appeared in will be listed with a short description of what occurred. This works as an index for quickly locating a certain episode, character moment, etc.

Next is the Future It Up section which contains all the future elements from the episode, Future It Up. Put anything from the episode about the character's future here. Only include what was in the episode.

Next is a Trivia section. Fun facts about the character can be listed here. It can contain anything so long as it is factual.

Next is Memorable Quotes. This is where all the character's most noteworthy quotes go. Please make sure a quote is correct before adding it.

The gallery links are the last sections on the page and link to the galleries.

As a final note, please do not add any information before an episode airs. If you see the episode on demand, a leaded video, etc, do not add the information to the character page until after the episode's airdate. The character pages are to keep up with the episodes.

Remember that these pages are for us to share the characters we love with newcomers and people not as familiar with the show as we are. They are not there just for our personal satisfaction. The pages should be kept updated, accurate, and in order.

Any Questions? Feel free to ask me. If you think something shouldn't be on the page, start a discussion or talk to me about it.

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