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Beckward December 10, 2012 User blog:Beckward

This is the official voting blog for the Shipping Ambassadors. See this blog for more information.

Attention all nominees & voters: If you win the vote for Shipping Ambassador, I will message you and ask if you want to accept the position. This position requires you to be as active as you can be (please be on your page at least 3 times a week), to get along with the other shippers and other pairings, and to be responsible for the upkeep, image, and reputation of your respective page. Your help as Shipping Ambassador could make it easier for the admins to address any problems, disputes can be settled before admins or bans get involved, the shipping pages can be organized in a way that the pairing fans agree is proper, and your page can be active in a productive way. I would also like for Shipping Ambassadors to visit at least one other ship page (preferably a rival ship) at least once a month to promote good will among all shippers. There is no reason for infighting and by showing friendship on the ship pages an example can be set for new users, visitors, etc. Remember that the admins will be there to help you should you need extra support.

Now it's time for all you voters to decide who qualifies for the position listed above. Who would you like to see give your favorite pairing's page as much attention as it needs? Vote below and leave comments about which pages (if any) you think are busy enough to need two ambassadors. If two ambassadors are needed for any page, those ambassadors will have to work together as a team to make the page as best as it can be. You do not have to vote on all of the below polls or leave a comment. :)

Poll Closed

  Rogan Ambassador: GeCeTynkaReuce

Poll Closed

  DeCe Ambassador:XXxInMyDreamsxXx

Poll Closed

  Deucina Ambassador:Dovefence

Poll Closed

  GeCe Ambassador:AmericanGirl742

Poll Closed

  Reuce Ambassador:AmyAwesome123

Poll Closed

  Runther Ambassador:RuntherShip

Poll Closed

  Tynka Ambassador:SamFreddieLove

Poll Closed

Cogan Ambassador:Electricgirl101

Polls are closed. The new ambassadors will receive a message from me any time after that asking if they accept. :)

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