My Thoughts on the Episode Oui Oui It Up

Episode Summary

CeCe’s plans for a posh family vacation in Paris take a wrong turn when she arranges a house swap with a French family and lands herself, Rocky, Flynn and Georgia on a pig farm 500 miles outside Paris. Back in Chicago, Ty has fallen for the Parisian girl Brigitte staying in CeCe’s apartment despite Tinka’s warnings that the girl is a bit annoying, beginning every sentence with "In France".


Pairing in this Episode

Tynka (Ty and Ti/nka) is the romantic pairing of Ty Blue and Tinka Hessenheffer

My Thoughts

The Episode was alittle boring. But it had great Ty and Tinka moments. Like how Tinka keep saying how anoying Ty's new girlfriend is. It was almost like she jealous. Even know Tinka said Ty's girlfriend was anoying she still hung-out with them. Probably cause she wanted to hang out with Ty. If 10 was the worst and 1 the best. Then I would give this episode a 6. It was Ok but the only reason I watched and sort of liked it, was cause of Ty and Tinka. The writers need to put Ty and Tinka togehter. I don't like how they get together only in the future. I would like to see them together now.

Watch the Episode

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Part 3:

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Part 8:

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Some Pictures from Episode

Untitled (21)

Love Ty and Tinka




And That's my thoughts on this Epiosde! Sorry for any missed spelled words or bad grammar ( I am not so good at Proof reading my writing). Thanks for reading! 




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