Plot:While Logan announces that he will be in CeCe's school now and she feels complicated,Gunther makes his appearance to announce his return.What will be the reaction of the gang?Will CeCe and Logan get befriend?

CeCe:Wait,are you kidding me?

Logan:Why I would do that?

CeCe:Just leave us alone.

(the gang leaves)


Logan:MARK???Oh my god are you the new student?

Mark:Yeah,I am.

(Rocky comes)

Logan and Mark:Hey Rocky

Rocky:Hey,do you know each other?

Mark:Yes we are best friends since we were 5.

Rocky:Really?Emm,Mark.What time would you come to take me?

Mark:At 3


Logan:Are you and Rocky dating?

Mark:Actually,it will be our first date


4 hours later(CeCe's house)

Rocky:He kissed me


Rocky:Mark kissed me.We are a couple.

CeCe:Yeah super.

Rocky:CeCe what's wrong?

CeCe:I am confused.


CeCe:Cause....I will tell you but don't say a word to Mark.Okay?

Rocky:Of course,CeCe.I always hide your secrets.

CeCe:I like Logan

Rocky:u WHAT?????

CeCe:shhhh.Louder Rocky,people in England didn't hear you.

Rocky:sorry but this is so cute.

(door bell rang)

Tinka:Hello,I am Tinka

And then,

Gunther:And I am Gunther

Both:And we are the Hessenheffers

(surprised faces)

Rocky and CeCe:Gunther????

(both they hugged him)

Girls:How are you doing?

Gunther:I am fine.I decided to return forever.


Then,all the gang appeared including Logan

Logan:Can I come in?

CeCe:Of course.

Logan:CeCe can I talk to you?


Logan:I want to befriend with you.

ceCe:Really?Cause I want too.

Logan:Ok,then friend.


Then,the gang throws a party.

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