Hola, amigos! :P

The question is: Why do you ship your SHAKE IT UP pairings aka ships aka couples?

My personal answer:

1) Runther: Smart Girls always fall in love with Fashion Boys... I ship Runther because I love every light form of forbidden love... With Runther, we have suspence, fireworks, sweet moments and CUPCAKES ALL THE WAY!!! XD

2) DeCe: The Cunning Girl and the Liar for Money: They've lots in common, and their relationship represents the most realistic couple of siu

3) Tynka: The Blonde Girl and the RappeR: Only a word... PASSION!!!

4) Cy: The Big Bro of the BFF and the BFF of the Little Sis: I love these two too, but recently I prefer a little Tynka :P

Runther Side super-softfocus h
Tynka moment


DeCe is love

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