So Guys Here's The Deal:

If CeCe and Gunther DO Get Together *fingers crossed* How Will They?

I Have An Idea:

CeCe Goes To A Fortune Teller And She Says Tonight She Will Dream About The Guy She Is Meant To Be With, Then Tomorrow They Will Hug, And Next Week He Will Come Into Her Apartment, And When They Sit Down Together They Will Kiss, And Sparks Will Fly.

That Night CeCe Dreams About Gunther.

The Next Day CeCe And Gunther Finally Finished The Dance That Gary Told Them To Do, They Do Their Handshake And Hug.

The Next Week They Sit Down On CeCe's Couch, They Kiss, And Then At The Back Of Her Apartment, Out The Window, Sparks And Fireworks Shoot Out Of The Sky.

What Do You Think??? Obvz There's Gonna Be Reuce And Tynka Moments Too, But I'm Still Trying To Think About That. So, Why Don't You Write Down Some Of YOUR Ideas. Good Luck, GeCeBaybees!

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