Hello there, everyone! Welcome to the GTR Awards of 2013!

As a few of you would already know, me and @GlitterGirl123 are going to be hosting the very first GTR Awards. In this blog, you can post whatever entries you may please, including your own. So if you want to make a fan art, a FanFiction, a video, etc. then you can post them here by mentioning them in the comments below. @GlitterGirl123 and I will put them up for the official awards. Please give all of your fan works in link form.

Here is a list of what is accepted:

1) Fan arts

2) FanFiction

3) Videos

4) GIF animations

Each category will have their own section.

The deadline to posting entries is until June 30, 2013. Voting will start on July 1st, 2013 until July 15, 2013 under a different blog. The winners will be announced under another and final blog July 16, 2013.

Note: The deadline date has been extended to an unknown date. Please keep posting and more information will be issued.

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